About Us

Growing up everyone in my family was healthy. Other than the occasional minor injury I never had to give health or mobility a second thought. My sister did have foot surgery once that required her to use crutches for a couple weeks, but I remember that as mostly an annoyance. And it really didn’t affect me or how I lived my life.

finger paintingBut things change. Now I’m a father with a teenage special needs child. When she was young her mobility issues weren’t much of a problem, as we just carried her everywhere. But there came a point when I she outgrew that, so we were forced to look into a variety of solutions to help us navigate daily life. We drive a custom van with an extending wheelchair lift, and have two vertical platform lifts to move her from one floor to the next in our home. We have movable and track-mounted lifts to help get her up and down and into her wheelchair. And we use a rolling bath chair to help keep her bathed. Without these amazing pieces of equipment my daughter would be significantly limited, and my back would be shot.

So HelpAndWellness.com is born out of my fascination and respect for the adaptive healthcare industry, and the great tools they offer. Hopefully that shows through in the articles and reviews on this site. And if you have an interesting story, memory, or use for a particular piece of equipment please share it.