Best Narrow Electric Wheelchairs

The primary benefit of a power wheelchair is that it gives you back your freedom and restores your access to most places, with minimal effort. However, if your wheelchair is not narrow enough you run the risk of not being able to pass through a lot of standard sized doorways and hallways. In this article, we will look at the best narrow electric wheelchairs.

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Narrow Electric Wheelchairs

When we look to buy a power wheelchair, the width of the seat is one of the primary considerations. Seat sizes can range anywhere between 16 inches to 22 inches and you must select the one as per your build. Typically, the arm rests, tires and axle mechanism add around an extra 7-9 inches in width on top of the seat size. However, as compared to a manual wheelchair, you do not need to provision another 2 – 3 inches for your hands on the rims and even then, end up with knuckle bruises while going through narrow doorways.

It is obvious, therefore, that the smaller your build is, the smaller seat size you will select, and the narrower your wheelchair will be. The typical width of a power wheelchair is therefore between 24 – 33 inches, depending upon the seat size.

Relevant ADA Guidelines

Increasing awareness and strict implementation of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) has made it much easier for wheelchair users to access public spaces and buildings, as compared to about a decade ago. The ADA guidelines also lay out in great detail the specifications of doorways and hallways that constructors need to adhere to, to make spaces accessible for wheelchair users. The guidelines for doorways can be found at this link.

How Narrow Should Your Wheelchair Be

As per the ADA guidelines mentioned above, the minimum width of a doorway should be 32 inches for it to be considered part of accessible infrastructure. Moreover, at least 60 per cent of all doorways in a building should adhere to these standards, if the building is to adhere to accessibility standards as set by the ADA. Accordingly, you should always try to limit the overall with of the electric wheelchair to under 30 inches for comfortably passing through doorways in public buildings and infrastructure.

However, at your home, things may be a bit complicated if you have narrow doorways. Most standard doorways at homes will be about 30 inches in width, and even 26 – 28 inches is not uncommon. It is not really possible to change the width of the doorways in your home, which will require a lot of rework. Therefore, you should be cognizant of the fact and always measure doorways at your home before selecting a wheelchair. Having said that, if you have a heavier build and are buying seat sizes of 20 – 22 inches, chances are that some parts of your home will not be accessible to you on your wheelchair. But knowing that beforehand and planning for it (like not keeping any of your frequent necessities in that part of your home) is essential.

What to Consider Before Buying an Electric Wheelchair, Apart from Width

Apart from the width, you should be concerned about a few aspects of your electric wheelchair that will make your ride better suited to your needs and make for a comfortable experience. While better features will obviously make the product more expensive, you should balance the following features with the price that you pay:

  • Adherence to safety standards and clearance of the medical device by the US FDA
  • Your wheelchair should be as lightweight as possible. Most modern electric wheelchairs are made of airplane grade aluminium and weigh between 50 – 80 lbs
  • Maneuverability and ride smoothness. User friendliness of the joystick and control panel
  • Suitability and ease of air travel. The wheelchair should be easy to fold and carry along
  • Seating and backrest comfort and quality of cushioning
  • Distance that the wheelchair will cover on full charge and the time taken to fully charge the batteries.
  • Warranty and customer service for the device

The priority that you would attach to the above specifications depend completely on your pattern of your usage and lifestyle. However, you can use this as a checklist for major factors to consider while buying your electric wheelchair. Below, we have reviewed some of the best narrow electric wheelchairs that are available in the market.

#1 Sentire Med Forza Foldable Electric Wheelchair

This is a lightweight electric wheelchair, made of aircraft grade aluminum, weighing about 67 lbs along with batteries. The model with the 19-inch seat size has a total width of just 24 inches, making it a good candidate to pass through most doorways and hallways. The maximum weight that the wheelchair can carry is 360 lbs. The device runs on dual motor technology with 2 x 250 W motors.


  • Good ground to seat height of 21 inches; makes it easy to get on the wheelchair.
  • Front and rear suspensions, along with bigger rear wheels provide more comfortable rides
  • Comes with seat belt, storage bag and cup holder
  • Indicates remaining battery life on control panel and has 5 speed options
  • Seat depth of 17.5 inches makes it ideal for taller users as well
  • Easy to fold and carry along
  • Comes with two 12-volt batteries, which gives range of 20 miles on full charge
  • The tires are solid rubber and you will not suffer a flat tire
  • Back rest height is adjustable for better customization and comfort


  • On the expensive side
  • Joystick cannot be self-adjusted and fixed on any of the arm rests. By default, it comes suited for right-handed use, you will have to contact company beforehand if you want left-handed mount
  • Solid rubber tires may leave black marks on your floor, especially in hot weather

Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe...
204 Reviews
Sentire Med Forza FCX Deluxe...
  • EASY TO STORE - Lightweight storage folding chair without disassembling. The electric wheelchair folds up in 5 seconds and is very compact to fit in most small trunks. Has a handle under the seat for easy lifting.
  • DURABLE AND STYLISH - Smart silver aluminum aircraft alloy frame, includes matching footrests. This model power wheelchair is very lightweight and durable, and requires no maintenance.
  • COMFORT ON RUGGED TERRAIN - Ergonomically designed for comfort. Operate this motorized wheelchair in grass, gravel, or snow, with a long lasting battery life and shock absorber for ride comfort. Has a sharp turning radius, make sharp turns easily.
  • POWERFUL MOTORS – Equipped with two (2) 250-watt motors for a powerful ride. Also includes easy-to-detach cord on joystick to easily remove and place on the right or left side.
  • TRAVEL EASILY - Convenient for storage and transport for folding feature and light-weight design for easy carrying. Comes with under the seat storage and this electric wheel chair has a removable seat and seat cover for easy cleaning. Accessories include: Cup holder, storage bags, battery bag and travel bags are included.

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#2 Innuovo Intelligent Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

The 16.5-inch seat size model has a total width of just under 24 inches. The 22-inch seat model is 30 inches wide and goes though most doorways. The wheelchair weighs just about 50 lbs with batteries and can carry a maximum weight of 265 lbs or 120 kgs.


  • Comfortable cushioning on seat and ergonomically designed back rest
  • Easy adjustability and switching option between both batteries; Gives mileage of 12 miles on full charge
  • Equipped with anti-tipper mechanism for better safety
  • Arm rest can be lifted up for better and more comfortable access to the seat
  • Joystick can be adjusted and placed on both arm rests, depending on whether you are a right or left handed user


  • Seat depth of 16 inches and lower seat height of 19 inches may make it a bit uncomfortable for taller users
  • Not suitable for heavier users

Innuovo Intelligent...
  • ★THE SAFER CHOICE– Our electric implements a variety of safety features. These include a 360-degree joystick, solidly stable front and rear wheels, a foldable foot rest, dural motors, and extremely durable construction.
  • ★SIMPLE TO OPERATE – Using an innovative joystick design and an updated electric magnetic breaking system, our wheelchair gives you superior motion control and quick stopping. It’s adjustable anti-leaning rear design also keeps it perfectly stable. Also with the separate 2 high performance lithium battery design, keep left one side battery running for the chair and customers can backup 2nd batttery charged outside.
  • ★LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO FOLD – Being built with an aviation aluminum frame and weighing only 50lbs, our power wheelchair is durable and incredibly lightweight. It’s also easy to fold in 3 seconds, making it perfect to travel with and store for later.
  • ★FANSTATIC STABILITY AND COMFORT – Thanks to our power chair’s unique 7.5cm thick seat cushion(with seat belt), it’s extremely comfortable and prevents against seat depression and bedsores, as well as protecting the caudal, lumbar, and neck vertebra from twisting.
  • ★SATISFACTION ENSURED – FBA service, best gift option.

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#3 Rubicon Extreme Sport Electric Wheelchair

The wheelchair can be controlled from a distance via a Bluetooth remote controller. The model with the seat width of 19 inches has a total width of 25.5 inches. Models with seat size of 22 inches will be 29 inches in width and may find it difficult to go through narrow doorways. The chair weighs 64 lbs with batteries and has maximum weight carrying capacity of 120 kgs or 265 lbs.


  • Ergonomically designed comfortable back support
  • Joystick can be attached to either of the two arm rests
  • Anti-tipper wheels for greater safety against wheelchair tipping over backwards
  • Speed and power display on the control panel make it easier to control speed and plan for a ride
  • Seat depth of 18 inches and seat height of 20 inches make it more comfortable for taller users
  • Comes with the Bluetooth remote control through which you can control the chair from a distance
  • Good value for money


  • Comes with one battery that can last up to 10 miles. You may want to budget for a back-up battery
  • The owner’s manual can be made more user friendly

Rubicon Extreme Sport All...
  • ✔ Flat free tyres are pneumatic tyres that are filled with a semi-solid material. They are not subject to flat tyres and give a softer ride than a other tyres.
  • ✔ BRUSHLESS MOTORS are better adapted, generate no friction, produce less heating and provide better performance.
  • ✔ The intelligent electromagnetic technology guarantees full braking power provided. Intelligent electromagnetic brake can multiply the lifespan of their service braking system up to ten times.
  • ✔ Smart Silver Aluminum Aircraft alloy frame. Lightweight and Durable, and requires no maintenance.
  • ✔ Easy to Fold and Unfolds up in 3 seconds and is very compact to fit in most small trunks.

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#4 EBEI Super Lightweight Electric Wheelchair

This is a basic very lightweight electric wheelchair, made of aluminum alloy, with total weight of 36 lbs with batteries. The maximum weight carting capacity is 220 lbs. The model with a seat width of 17.5 inches has total width of just under 23 inches and is one of the narrowest electric wheelchairs around.


  • Has anti-tipper wheels for safety and prevents wheelchair from tipping over backwards
  • Reclining back in 3 positions; arm rests can be lifted for easier access to seat
  • Easy to fold and carry along. Stands upright over rear tires and anti-tippers when folded
  • You have the option of mounting joystick on the right or left arm rest
  • Value for money option for users on a budget


  • Does not have side guards on the seat which increases risk of a fall
  • No shock absorption mechanism on the wheels or under the seat; may not be comfortable to ride on rough and pebbly surfaces
  • Not meant for users over a 100 kgs in weight

EBEI Electric Wheelchair Super...
  • ULTRA LIGHT WEIGHT! It is just 36 lbs with battery! The versatile wheelchair is assembled with Aluminum Alloy Foldable chair, 10AH Lithium battery, antiseptic, breathable seat and back cushions.
  • FOLDING COMPACT DESIGN! Our easy to fold design in seconds to a compact unit about the size of a suitcase for storage or travel.
  • ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAKE! Stops smooth and super safely. 24V 250W*2 Brushless Motors, Max 4 mph, Range: 15 Miles, Charging Time: 6-8 hours. Front Wheels: 6 inches, Rear Wheels: 8 inches. Seat width: 18.5 inches.
  • ALUMINUM ALLOY CHASSIS! The weight capacity is 220 lbs. Climbing Ability: Less than or equal to 25 degrees. The tires are solid PU, wear resisting. The front driven wheel is 8" that could rotate 360 degrees which makes it easy for turning.

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#5 Electric Wheelchair with Reclining Back by YPYJ

This power wheelchair has an ergonomic design for better seating comfort and weighs 75 lbs. Maximum carrying capacity is 330 lbs. The device has a manual option also and has hand brakes that makes it easy to operate for the attendant. The model comes with large rear wheels of 16 inches compared to standard rear wheel size of 13 inches. The model with 18 inch seating width capacity has a total width of 25 inches and should comfortably go through all doorways.


  • Ergonomic design gives better seating comfort
  • Good cushioning on the backrest and seat as well as head rest
  • 2 x 500 W dual motor powered technology gives stability and power
  • Adjustable leg rests along with adjustable recliner offers a full range of body posture
  • Good shock absorbing systems on front and rear wheels
  • Good ground clearance with larger wheels


  • Slightly on the heavier side and users may find it difficult to store away the wheelchair in the car truck or carry along while travelling by air
  • Comes with only one battery; You may want to budget for back up battery

Electric Wheelchair with...
  • ★ Ergonomic design for maximum comfort. Use this motorized wheelchair in grass, gravel or snow, with a long battery life and shock absorber for driving comfort
  • ★ Polymer High Capacity Li-ion Battery That Allows You To Travel At 20Miles (Tested With 200 Lb User Without Exaggerating Like Others). Capacity Up to 300 Pounds
  • ★ Maximum Speed ​​Of 6 Kilometers Per Hour *. The Maximum Range Of 13 Miles on A Full Battery Charge. It has a sharp turning radius, making tight turns easily
  • ★ This Electric Wheelchair is Powerful and Quiet 500W Dual Motors, 20Ah Li-Ion Packs.Charging 8 Hours Can Run 18-25 Km. The Chair Can Also Be Used As A Manual Wheelchair When There Is Low Battery; Apply to all different road types
  • ★ This electric wheelchair is used in sturdy carbon steel frame, weighing 120Kg / 330Lb, folds easily in 5 seconds, is very compact and tidy after folding. It weighs only 34Kg

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#6 Forcemech Power Wheelchair – Voyager R2

One of the most lightweight power wheelchairs available in the market is the Forcemech Voyager R2 model. It weighs only 45 lbs including the batteries. The wheelchair is made to carry up to a maximum weight of 265 lbs. The joystick control may be a bit sensitive to begin with, but it can be adjusted from the panel. You will do well to adjust it to a less sensitive mode before starting to venture out for longer rides. The device takes about 6 – 8 hours to fully charge its 2 rechargeable lithium ion batteries. The batteries do not run together, when one runs low, the wheelchair has the option to run on the second battery. The 17-inch seat width model has a total width of 23 inches.


  • Long battery life of up to 16 miles on full charge, including both batteries, suitable for travelling long distances
  • Lightweight and easy to fold and travel with
  • Good ride quality
  • Rear reflective lights for extra visibility during night-time
  • Solid wheels with metal alloy rim give good support to the entire structure
  • Seat height of 20 inches and depth of 17 inches makes it comfortable for taller users as well
  • Good 24×7 customer support


  • Height of the wheelchair is comparably lower, may be inconvenient to get into wheelchair, depending upon type of mobility challenge
  • Might be slow to start and pick up pace with heavier weights

Forcemech Voyager R2- Ultra...
  • Forcemech is a US Company that is committed to offer the best Mobility Products.
  • All Products Backed By Forcemech's Gold Standard 24x7 Customer Support!
  • R2 weights only 43lbs - Lightest in the Industry, Foldable in Seconds.
  • Fold-able in seconds - Airplane Travel Approved & Cruise Trip Ready!
  • Will give you back your mobility freedom guaranteed or your money back.

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#7 Folding Ultra Lightweight Electric Wheelchair by Bangeran (ASIN: B07VF2LY9S)

The wheelchair is a basic electric model with Bluetooth remote controller option. The model with the 17 inch seat width has a total width of 23 inches. The wheelchair weighs 71 lbs with battery and has a total carrying capacity of 265 lbs.


  • Comes with Bluetooth remote controller for easy access from a distance
  • Equipped with safety features of seat belt and anti-tipper wheels
  • Shock absorbing mechanism on the wheels makes for a comfortable ride
  • Digital display on control panel for easy understanding of ride statistics: speed & battery
  • Good seat height and depth makes it suitable for taller users as well


  • Not much cushioning on seat; You may have to invest in cushions if you anticipate long periods of wheelchair use
  • Comes with a single battery that runs for 12 miles on full charge. If you anticipate going further than 6 miles from your home, you have to buy a back up battery

Folding Ultra Lightweight 40...
17 Reviews
Folding Ultra Lightweight 40...
  • HIGH TECH! The Folding electric wheelchairs lightweight are equipped with never seen before hidden Brush-less Wheelchair Motor Technology inside the back tires. Betterthen electric mobility scooters for adults or light wheelchairs foldable for adults
  • DURABLE AND STYLISH - Smart silver aluminum aircraft alloy frame, includes matching footrests. This model power wheelchair is very lightweight and durable, and requires no maintenance.
  • COMFORT ON RUGGED TERRAIN - Ergonomically designed for comfort. Operate this motorized wheelchair in grass, gravel, or snow, with a long lasting battery life and shock absorber for ride comfort. Has a sharp turning radius, make sharp turns easily. ELECTROMAGNETIC BRAKE! Stops smooth and super safely.
  • INTELLIGENT JOYSTICK! 360 degree waterproof universal intelligent LCD Screen Joystick with digital screen, easy controlling, it has power indicator light, power on/off, horn, speed indication, speed up and down buttons, Internal Radio and USB connector
  • AVIATION TRAVEL! FDA Registered, This small wheelchair is convenient, Easy for the Aviation Travel. This hawaii chair adult wheelchair is a compact wheelchair that can travel anywhere you go.LIFETIME QUALITY ENSURANCE ensures this will quickly become your favorite purchase and perfect for airplane or cruise traveling needes.

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#8 Smart Electric Wheelchair with Headrest by A&DW (ASIN: B07T97G2R9)

This is a power wheelchair with full back support and removable headrest, full arm rests, adjustable foot supports and calf muscle padding. The product is powered by dual motor technology (2 x 250 W motors) and runs on 2 lithium ion batteries. The model with a 17.7 inch seat width has a total width of 24.4 inches.


  • Full back support which can be fully reclined to 180 degrees for better flexibility and support
  • Removable headrest for relaxing your neck muscles
  • Anti-tipper wheels will prevent wheelchair from tipping over backwards; Equipped with seat belts
  • Hand brakes behind headrest will lend better control to care giver, if you decide to have one
  • Full length arm rests that can be flipped back up to provide easy access to wheelchair seat
  • Large rear tires provide better support to wheelchair structure
  • Easy switching between manual and electronic modes
  • Good cushioning available on seat and back rest for better comfort
  • Suitable for heavy users with maximum weight carrying capacity at 330 lbs


  • Wheelchair is comparatively heavier at about 80 lbs with batteries
  • Comes with one battery; for back up battery you will have to spend extra

Smart Electric Wheelchair with...
  • [Humanized Design]:The angle of the electric wheel backrest and headrest can be adjusted 90°-180°; The armrest can be lifted up, which is convenient for users to get on and off, eat, go to bed, etc; Breathable cushion can be used in winter and summer,easy to clean; Tilt angle backrest and seat cushion design reduces back discomfort due to sedentary to hip; widening the non-slip pedal can be adjusted and disassembled; With Large storage bag
  • [Double Protection]:Electromagnetic brake system stops immediately after releasing the hand and does not slip,safe and reliable,easy to operate,lets you have one hand free for quick stopping; 360° joystick waterproof and anti-corrosion protection, anti-electromagnetic interference;With manual parking system,shock absorbers and anti-flip wheel keeps you safe,stable and comfortable; With reversing horn
  • [Durable and Stylish]:Rugged carbon steel frame, bearing weight 150kg,wear-resistant;Two 250-watt dual motor performance, smooth operation, low noise, fast heat dissipation;Long lasting battery life,24V*12Ah lithium battery,0 - 6km / h speed adjustment,slope performance about 30°
  • [Convenient]:Lightweight storage folding electric wheelchair,It is very compact to fit in most small trunks,extremely convenient to put in the truck or airplane for travel;Manual / Electric mode to switch at any time,electric wheelchairs can push forward when there is low battery
  • [After-sale Service]:Your satisfaction is our top priority and all of our products have our 120-day return policy whichfor your added peace of mind

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#9 ComfyGo Heavy duty Electric Wheelchair (ASIN: B07GC7J1P4)

The model with seat width of 17 inches has a total width of 26 inches; larger seat capacities run the risk of not being able to go through narrow doorways. The chair has total weight of 90 lbs with battery and carry up to a maximum weight of 275 lbs. The chair runs on dual motor technology and can cover up to 12 miles on full battery charge.


  • Equipped with safety features of anti-tipper wheels and seat belts
  • Power and speed indicator for better control on rides
  • Seat height and depth of 20 inches each make it suitable for taller users as well
  • Cost effective option for users on tight budgets


  • Comparatively heavier than other power wheelchairs
  • Return policy or warranty may require you to pay for shipping costs, which will be prohibitive
  • Lack of cushioning on seat; You may want to budget for extra cushions

ComfyGO Heavy Duty Powerful...
  • ✔ Now with an Unbeatable Price. Get Yours Today and Enjoy the Free Mobility Now!
  • ✔ Equipped with Battery Which Can Go 12 Miles with Full Charge
  • ✔ Standard Equipped with Seat-Belt and Anti-Tipper
  • ✔ This Wheelchair Will Never Fail You on Grass, Ramp, Brick, Muddy, Snow, Bumpy Roads

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A wheelchair is an extremely personal choice and depends on your anticipated usage pattern and budget. Sometimes, it will require as much consideration from you as that required for buying a car. So, take your time in deciding on the final purchase as it is a significant investment and you would not want to be stuck with a chair that is a compromise. Once it arrives and you get comfortable on it, the world will open up to you for you to explore.

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