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Heavy Duty Disposable and Washable Bed Pads

Incontinence often comes in stages and can affect individuals irrespective of their age. The severity of leakage during incontinence can continue to remain the same for years, get progressively worse, or it may even go away if the body is able to recover or heal. The potential outlook of your situation can be evaluated well by your doctor or the continence nurse taking care of you.

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Heavy Duty Disposable and Washable Bed Pads

To help you with issues pertaining to incontinence, underpads are a very good option. Underpads are large rectangular pads that have an absorbent core and a waterproof backing. They are designed for protecting surfaces from incontinence and are ideally used over beds, chairs, car seats, etc.

Underpads or bed pads are ideal for those who are looking at options to protect furniture from incontinence, changing feeding tubes, caring for wounds, or need assistance in repositioning their loved ones. However, they may not be a great fit for those looking for overall incontinence protection. They are a great supplemental product but you might also look at using tab-style diapers, pull-ups, pads, etc. for overall incontinence protection.

How do bed pads work?

You should put the pads on the furniture or mattress that you are trying to protect. Once the fluid moisture hits the top sheet, it is locked away in the absorbent core. Waterproof backing prevents any form of wetness from seeping through the pads. They are a great option to consider whenever you need protection from moisture- be it changing a loved one, or tending to their wounds.

Bed pads are also used to reposition loved ones. This is especially useful for bedridden loved ones that need to be moved at least once every few hours so as to avoid pressure sores.

What are the different kinds of bed pads available in the market?

There are typically two kinds of bed pads available in the market.

Disposable pads: These are super absorbent, comfortable, and convenient. They are packed with tiny absorbent beads or polymers that soak up the moisture from the fluid and turn it into a gel so that the top sheet stays dry and soft. These are best for those who want to keep their loved one’s skin dry. They are single-use which means you do not have to worry much about any extra laundry.

Reusable or Washable pads: These are an economical and environmentally friendly alternative. They have a waterproof backing that enables any surface to stay dry. These kinds of pads are best suited for people who do not intend to repeatedly purchase underpads and do not mind extra laundry.

When selecting a bed pad, you should keep in mind the absorbency offered (light, medium or heavy), and the frequency of leakage. Other factors like recyclability, breathability, toxin-free product, etc. are considered from the perspective of convenience and comfort.

We have identified a mix of disposable and reusable bed pads or underpads for you and are listing some of the key features for you to make the right decision.

#1 Waterproof Reusable Incontinence Bed Pads

The Brosive underpad pad is a perfect solution as an incontinence aid for elderly parents or women. It can easily be used as a mattress sheet cover.

Its availability in multiple sizes ensures a larger coverage area as compared to other pads. It offers a great solution for usage on a bed, couch, floor, and other surfaces and furniture. You can lay the bed pad on a twin size mattress, and either crosswise or lengthwise on other sized mattresses for coverage everywhere you need it.

It offers four-layer protection with up to 8 cups of protection to ensure that your bed is completely dry in case an accident occurs. The quilted absorbing layer is able to lock in the moisture with the quilt’s channels pulling the moisture away from the surface to the inner layer. The moisture is trapped in the inner layer so that sheet, mattress, and the skin all are dry. The quilted construction also provides the benefit of preventing the edges from curling.

The Brosive Bed Pad features a 4 layer design that has a top surface made of soft cotton, a noiseless waterproof barrier, a super absorbent bamboo fiber liner, and a vinyl waterproof nonslip barrier. These help in keeping your sheets and bed dry by protecting them all night while still keeping themselves to be comfortable and unobtrusive.

The bed pad is made of the toxic-free, noise-free, and completely safe breathable vinyl material that is free of lead, cadmium, mercury, and all phthalates.

It offers a long-life design with a durable material that can be simply tossed into the washing machine. It can withstand 350+ washes without losing the super absorbent features and the plushness. It absorbs just as well as it had the first time even after multiple washes.

The bed pad moves around less because of the selective nonslip backing that gives you the perfect and comfortable sleep at night. The waterproof sheet protector provides an amazing level of protection against fluids, perspiration, urine, and allergens. The pads weigh a mere 1.76 ounces.


  • Comes in multiple sizes.
  • Guaranteed absorbency up to 350+ washes.


  • Fabric is sewn together, so not advisable to be cut into smaller pieces. Instead buy a smaller size.

#2 Medline Softnit 300 Washable Underpads

The Medline Softnit 300 Pink Underpads help in protecting your furniture and floors for continence care. They are waterproof, washable, and reusable. This makes them cost-effective and less wasteful than disposable underpads.

They resist staining, are durable and comfortable. The waterproof vinyl-knit barrier and twill facing are able to withstand multiple washing and drying cycles and still stay soft and leak-proof. You can machine wash and tumble dry the underpads, but you should avoid adding fabric softener as it can deteriorate the material affecting its absorbency. They come in one size – a large 34 X 36 inch size which covers a larger area than other pads. It comes in a resealable poly bag and includes 4 underpads packaged per bag. It is advisable to keep the underpad in the convenient resealable bag so as to keep it in top condition. The pad is made up of 55% cotton and 45% polyester.


  • Durable and comfortable.
  • Machine washable and reusable.
  • Leak-proof and resists staining.


  • Available in a single size only
  • Not advisable to be cut into a smaller piece, as this will affect the effectiveness of the product. Instead buy a smaller size.

#3 Utopia Bedding Waterproof Incontinence Underpads

The Utopia Bedding Waterproof Incontinence Underpads has a fiber padding that can retain up to 6 cups (1600 cc) of water with its 4-layer configuration able to trap fluid in the cushion and helps in keeping your sheets dry. The size of the underpad is 34 X 36 inches.

The pad has thin, super-absorbent polyester/rayon underpad that provides efficient fluid control. It is available in a pack of 4 for better utilization. The product features excellent absorbency properties that ensure your sheet is dry for long. The pad material is top quality and makes sure that the pad stays in great condition even after multiple wash cycles. It is durable and easy to launder.  Its design allows it to stay flat with no bunching, thereby retaining its original shape after washing. The pad also highlights a delicately sewed layer and poly inward layers for a smooth feel that also leads to the longevity of the product.

While a lot of pads available in the market may move around during the night, this underpad moves around less because of the non-slip backing, thereby giving you a comfortable sleep at night. The heavyweight barrier protects bed linen, thereby preventing numerous sheet changes The rounded corner design adds a comfortable and sleek feel.


  • Effective fluid control with absorption up to 6 cups of water.
  • No bunching even after washing.


  • Comes only in a single size.

Utopia Bedding Waterproof...
  • UNDERPAD PACK - The thin, super absorbent polyester/rayon underpad provides effective fluid control; available in a pack of 4 for better utilization
  • TOP-QUALITY DESIGN – The underpad design allows it to lie flat with no bunching; retains original shape after washing; keep the quilted side up while placing to have the best use of it
  • GREAT PROTECTION - Heavyweight barrier protects bed linen, avoiding numerous sheet changes; rounded-corner design adds a sleek, comfortable feel
  • MAXIMUM CAPACITY - Fiber padding absorbs up to 6 Cups of water (1600 cc)
  • EASY CARE - Durable, easy-to-launder fabric delivers great performance even after multiple wash cycles

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#4 SOMATA Premium Washable Bed Pad

The Somata Premium Washable Bed Pad is super-absorbent, leak-proof, and inconspicuous. Its bed pads lock in the moisture and protect your sheets and sensitive skin from wetness. The four layers work to absorb, distribute internally, and lock in the moisture. This ensures that the sheet, mattress, and the sleeper, all are kept dry and comfortable. It can hold up to 8 cups of liquid. Do keep in mind that most accidents involve around 2 cups of liquid.

The pads are certified safe, non-toxic, and hypoallergenic. their manufacturing ensures no usage of BPA plastic compounds, PVC, or chemical sealants. The pads are quiet and unobtrusive. You will hardly notice their presence. The underpad layers are quite effective yet thin. They do not bunch up or create an uneven surface on your bed. It is not made of crinkly plastic or PVC.

The bed pads are large and versatile, quite oversized at 54 inches X 34 inches. The large size helps you in preventing uncomfortable multi-pad layouts or missed coverage. They can easily fit most beds spanning the complete sleep area and provide great coverage for sleepers, who have the habit of shifting a lot during the night. The liners are specially designed for overnight incontinence protection making it work great even as wheelchair protectors.

The bed pads are durable, washable, and reusable for over 300 washes. The pads come with a stain-resistant design which helps in washing them clean as new. Stripping them to the washer after an accident is an easy and clean process.  They work best when washed with neutral detergents and naturally dried under medium heat.


  • Super absorbent, inconspicuous, and leak-proof.
  • Available in a large size.


  • Comes only in a single size.

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#5 Medpride Disposable Underpads

The Medpride Disposable Underpads provide advanced bed protection by helping protect the bedding and sheets from any form of uncontrolled urinary or bladder problems. They have super-absorbing fluff fill layers that are made of premium quality polymer and help in absorbing liquids, urine, or accidents quickly, lock it away to control wetness and odor.

Their ability to absorb liquids quickly and safely helps in minimizing skin irritation, keeps animals from tracking urine across the flor, or avoid puddling.

They are available in 25 and 50 count packages and are disposable for quick clean up. They support a thick construction with a size of 23 inches X 35 inches that should be able to cover all your needs.

The Medpride underpads are non-sterile and feature a latex-free construction. This makes them ideal for individuals with latex allergies. The silky-soft polymer adds on to the comfort level for even the most sensitive skin types.


  • High-end fluff fill polymer layers enable high liquid absorption.
  • Latex-free making it an ideal choice for people with latex allergies.
  • Available in two packagings of 25 and 50 count each.


  • Comes only in a single size.

Medpride Disposable Underpads...
  • Advanced Bed Protection – These thick incontinence pads can help protect bedding and sheets from uncontrolled bladder or urinary problems in men, women, kids, or elderly to improve confidence and sleep.
  • Super Absorbent Fluff Fill Layers – Medpride bed pads are designed with premium polymer layers that help absorb liquids, urine, or accidents more quickly, locking it away to help control odor and wetness.
  • Multipurpose Support – Our urinary incontinence pads are not only great for young children or elderly hospice care patients, they can be used by pet owners who want to help home or crate train young puppies or support older dogs.
  • Avoid Messy Puddles or Irritation – Incontinence bed pads are designed to absorb liquids quickly and safely, which is important for minimizing skin irritation, keeping animals from tracking urine across the floor, or avoiding puddling.
  • Large Bulk Count – Available in 25 or 50-count packages, our underpad bed covers can be used every night, while you’re traveling, or anytime you need a little extra protection when you’re sleeping. They’re also disposable for quick clean up!

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#6 REMEDIES Disposable Underpad

The Remedies Disposable underpads are ultra-absorbent chucks that can be used as multi-layered protection to lie atop mattresses, wheelchairs, or furniture, and to control leakages due to incontinence. The high quality super soft chux weighs 45 grams each with the ability to absorb up to 8 times the weight of the pad itself.

The underpads are waterproof, non-skid with blue backing, and added embossed polypropylene backing that controls slipping and reduces the risk of leaks on the bedding and the patients.

The underpads are sealed on all four sides thereby preventing leakage with the reinforced edging providing a moisture-proof barrier that helps in keeping the beds, chairs, and other surfaces protected.

The underpads are pre-folded and can be easily carried in a bag for use during travel. The product is 100% latex-free thus proving to be of great convenience to those with latex related allergies.


  • Lightweight, waterproof, and non-skid.
  • Latex-free making it an ideal choice for people with latex allergies.
  • Available in two packagings of 50 and 150 count each.


  • The underpads are smaller in size than the other bed pads.
  • Light absorbency.

REMEDIES Disposable Underpad...
  • ENJOY SANITARY SURFACES: Use These Ultra-Absorbent Chucks As Multi-Layered Protection To Lie Atop Wheelchairs, Mattresses, Or Furniture, And To Control Incontinence-Related Leakage
  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT, SOFT FLUFF FILL: These High-Quality Super Soft Chux Weigh A Whopping 45 Grams Each, With The Ability To Absorb Up To 8 Times The Weight Of The Pad
  • WATERPROOF, NON-SKID BLUE BACKING: Added Embossed Polypropylene Backing Controls Slipping To Reduce The Risk Of Leaks On Patients And Bedding
  • SEALED ON ALL FOUR SIDES TO PREVENT LEAKAGE: Reinforced Edging Provide A Moisture-Proof Barrier To Help Keep Beds, Chairs And Other Surfaces Protected; Strong Enough For Overnight Use

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#7 Brosive Disposable Bed Pads

The Brosive Disposable Bed Pads are made up of non woven fabric, PE film, SAP, and Fluff Pulp that originated in the US.  They come in packs of 30 pads and absorb 200-350 ml of liquid. These are 18 inches X 24 inches sized pads suitable for small areas needing incontinence attention. They are designed with 5 absorbent and protective layers that keep your sheets dry and protected. They have a super absorbent system that absorbs the liquid quickly, locks in the fluids, and helps in preventing the odor. It keeps the liquid away from the skin to promote sounds sleep and peace of mind. The diamond embossed quilt pattern channels liquids effectively to prevent pooling.

These disposable waterproof underpads are filled with soft fluff for excellent comfort and delicate care. It contains no irritating chemicals, salts, or dyes to avoid itching of any sort.

The pad is sealed on four sides and the bottom. This moisture-proof barrier helps in keeping the beds, chairs, and other surfaces dry. The non-permeable layer at the bottom and four sized prevents leakage of fluids quite effectively.


  • Leak-proof and breathable


  • The bed pads are small in size and suitable primarily for small areas needing incontinence attention.

Small Disposable Bed Pads,(18"...
  • ✔ For Baby,For Small Pets:Size Small 18" X 24" (30 Packs).This is a small pad Ideal for kids, pets or small area needing incontinence attention.
  • ✔ For Home/Travel: Used for chairs, beds,the floor or baby stroller.Also Serve as the Ideal Dog Training Pads.Place under wet clothes and muddy shoes to protect floors.
  • ✔ Super Absorbing System---Mix imported fluff pulp and SAP factor,absorbent quickly lock in fluids and help prevent odor. keeping liquid away from skin to promote sound sleep and peace of mind for Pets or babys. Diamond embossed quilt pattern effectively channels liquids to prevent pooling.
  • ✔ Premium Quality & Safety: Disposable waterproof underpads filled with soft fluff for premium comfort and delicate care for babys,pets,and contains no irritating chemicals, salts, or dyes to avoid any itching.
  • ✔ Sealed On Four Sizes And The Bottom---Moisture-proof barrier helps keep beds, chairs and other surfaces dry.The non-permeable layers at the bottom and four sized prevent leakage efficiently while the soft fluff fill absorbs a higher volume efficiently.

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The first thing to check while deciding to purchase bed pads is whether you need a disposable one or a washable version. Next, you should check the level of absorbency required and the size. There are bed pads available in various sizes and can be considered according to your individual requirements.

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