Lightweight Garden Hose for Elderly

Gardening is one of the most common hobbies among the elderly. It helps to keep them engaged. It is very rewarding to see something that you have grown from scratch – for it to develop and flourish. However, gardeners spend a lot of time lugging around heavy hoses for watering and it is particularly inconvenient for the older people to pull such heavy weights. In this article, we will discuss about hoses in general and review some of the best lightweight garden hoses for the elderly.

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Lightweight Garden Hose for Elderly

If you have done any gardening or you have helped by watering plants, you would know how garden hoses, especially the longer ones, are innocuously heavy and extremely hard to carry around for the elderly. So much so, that the task of watering is often left to a more physically able family member. However, it takes away a large part of the fun that gardening is. Using a lightweight hose makes the task much easier and reinfuses life into this hobby for older people.

Why do the Elderly Often Take to Gardening?

The elderly are more likely to have the necessary skills and the time that gardening often demands. For example, it requires a lot of patience from you which you would have probably developed along with your graying hair. It is one of the most popular leisure activities among seniors and motivation for gardening include social interactions (you have seen and loved somebody’s garden and would like to reproduce it yourself), convenient way to physical fitness, constructive way of enjoying the outdoors and development of new skills.

Benefits of Gardening

  • Physical exercise: Gardening keeps your joints and muscles in good working condition. It requires you to frequently bend, pick up, sit and lift light weight tools (except, unfortunately, heavy garden hoses) and in general, is beneficial to maintain an active lifestyle in your twilight years.
  • Keep learning: It gives you the opportunity to learn new things and keep you mind working. A sedentary lifestyle in old age often affects your cognitive abilities much faster than it affects your physical well being. Gardening keeps you motivated and offers you new lessons to learn every day on nature’s ways.
  • Fresh vegetables & fruits: Gardening also lets you have fresh fruits and vegetables grown in your own backyard. Not only does it save you a trip to the grocery store, it is much healthier to eat freshly grown produce, than the ones bought from the market

Factors to Consider Before Buying a Garden Hose

Apart from being lightweight, which is the main consideration when you are buying a garden hose for the elderly, you need to keep in mind several other considerations as follows:

  • Length: Only buy the length that you require. Buying extra length will have no benefits but will increase the weight of the hose unnecessarily. You will also find out that longer hoses take longer time to drain out before being coiled up after use. You should measure the longest distance in your garden from the source of water and buy a hose that is approximately near that length.
  • Material: This is a tricky decision. While rubber made hoses last longer, they are heavier and more expensive. Rubber hoses also have a lower tendency to form kinks and impede water flow. Alternatively, you may find hoses made of vinyl which may not last that long but are lighter and less expensive and again, are more prone to formation of kinks. In my opinion, it is best to buy a good quality vinyl hose that lasts for a moderate time-period and is light.
  • Strength and flexibility: The more readily flexible a hose is, the less are the chances of kinking and reduce water flow. Strength is measured by pressure of water (in pound per square inch or psi) that the hose can withstand, and this will be available in the specifications of the product.
  • Durability and cost: These are often complementary factors (increase in one increases the other) and you must watch out for products for which you are paying more but they are less durable.
  • Type of nozzle: Hoses come with nozzle and are a personal choice depending on the usage and the type of garden that you have. Select one that best suits your needs.

Below, we have reviewed a few of the best lightweight garden hoses, specifically tuned for the elderly.

#1 Flexi Hose with 8 function Nozzle

The hose is made of 2 layers, with the inner layer of latex and the outer layer of polyester. The brass fittings at the two ends and the rubber seal towards the water source end prevent water leaks and help to maintain water pressure. The hose has a switch on / switch off control just below the nozzle and is very helpful for the elderly to stop and start water flow. Otherwise, you have to walk back all the way to the main water source to turn off water or else risk wasting a lot of water by allowing it to flow through. The hose is much lighter than traditional rubber hoses and is much easier to maneuver for the elderly; however, you must still be careful to not drag the hose over plants, as along with water it would still weigh enough to damage your plants or flowers. The product is super convenient to manage and store away after use, it just starts to shrivel and shrink after the water source is turned off, and with a little help from you comes back to its fully contracted length, roughly one-third of the length when fully expanded. The pressure washing configuration of the nozzle makes this suitable for activities like car or bike washing or washing your driveway, and makes it a truly multi-purpose product, thereby justifying its price better.


  • Brass connectors at the two ends are leak proof and never lets water pressure down
  • Comes with 8 pattern rotating nozzle with rubber coated trigger for convenience of use
  • The nozzle lets you spray water in mist mode as well as pressure washing mode
  • Available in 3 lengths of 50, 75 and 100 ft;
  • Lightweight and weighs only 2.9 lbs
  • Can be shrunk to one-third of its fully expanded size once water is turned off & easy to store
  • Minimal possibilities of kinking in the middle and reduce water pressure


  • The expand and contract function may not last for the full life of the hose
  • Cannot withstand water temperatures above 45 degree centigrade as inner layer is of latex
  • The outer layer of the hose may be damaged if you are dragging the hose over rocky surfaces

Flexi Hose & 8 Function...
  • MOST ADVANCED GARDEN HOSE ON THE MARKET! Made from the highest-quality materials & latest design, The FlexiHose is the most functional, lightweight & flexible hose that money can buy! The 50ft length is long enough to make it easy and convenient for maneuvering around the garden, even when full of water!
  • NO MORE LEAKS! - Say goodbye to your frustrating old leaking hose! FlexiHose's solid 3/4 Inches brass connectors & double latex pipe ensures leaks are a thing of the past! Complete with a sturdy on/off valve, the super-strong FlexiHose can withstand up to 12 BARS of water pressure, up to temperatures of 113℉!
  • SUPER EASY TO USE & STORE - Usage and storage is a breeze thanks to the incredible expanding design. Super lightweight & only 17 ft in length, the Incredible FlexiHose expands 3x to an impressive 50ft and returns to its original length in minutes for simple storage!
  • FREE 8-PATTERN ROTATING HOSE NOZZLE - Included with your FlexiHose is a high-quality, 8-pattern rotating nozzle, with settings for a wide range of uses from watering your plants to cleaning your pets or car. The nozzle is constructed out of durable zinc alloy and features an ergonomic rubberized handle that is slip-resistant and comfortable to use

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#2 HyrixDirect Garden Hose

The hose is constructed with a dual layer structure with the inner layer made of a 3-layer latex inner pipe and the outer layer is made of polyester fiber which gives the hose an aesthetic appearance. It is both durable and lightweight and is expandable by up to three times its contracted size when water is running through it. It has brass connectors at the two ends for better durability and rubber washers inside the connectors to reduce chances of water leaks. The nozzle can be customized for eight ways of spraying water – Flat / Rinse / Mist / Center / Soaker / Cone / Full / Shower – to make it suitable for a wide range of uses including cleaning windows, washing mud from your garden bench and washing cars. The nozzle comes with an ergonomically designed handle which is coated with slip resistant material which comes in handy when your hands are wet from garden work. The handle is also great for longer use by arthritic patients who may have difficulty with heavier nozzles which are prone to slipping and tighter nozzle triggers. While the hose can contract to its original size automatically after water is turned off, it is best to not expose it directly to the sun to preserve the contracting and expanding nature of the hose.


  • Comes with a quality nozzle with anti-skid ergonomically designed handle
  • Convenient for the elderly as there is a valve below the nozzle to turn off water and you can avoid going back and forth to the water source. The water source can be turned off once after all use is complete.
  • Good value for money
  • Can work with water pressure up to 180 psi
  • Comes with multi-purpose nozzle, which lets you use the hose for watering, washing your car or give your dog a bath
  • Lightweight at 3.5 lbs (50 ft hose)


  • Difficult to fix if a leak springs in the middle
  • Outer cover of polyester is prone to damage on hard and sharp surfaces

HYRIXDIRECT Garden Hose...
  • FLEXIBLE DESIGN - Our garden hose flexible expands from 17 feet,34 feet to 50 feet and100 feet in length. When the water is turned on the hose quickly expands up to 3 times in length (50 Feet and 100 Feet) with the water pressure and returns in minutes to its original length when the water is out. Just make sure there is enough water pressure to expand the hose.
  • INCREDIBLE DURABILITY - no more leaks, tear or cracks: solid 3/4 Inches brass connectors, rubber washer, 3-layer latex pipe, sturdy on/off valve, zinc alloy spray nozzle, extra-flexible 3750D polyester fabric cover; Stretchable designed strong expandable garden hose will withstand burst and leaks.
  • FREE 8 PATTERN SPRAY NOZZLE - 2 styles of garden hose with 8 pattern spray nozzle that will have the opportunity to be used for many different purposes. Give your garden watering, car wash, give your pet a cool shower, or clean your outdoor windows in the easiest way!
  • Heavy Duty Brass Fittings - Our water hose use quality 3/4-inch brass connectors and solid brass end with rubber washer.It can effectively prevent cracking,corrosion and leaking. And at the end of the expandable garden hose it has a valve where you can turn the water on or off,instead of walking back to turn off the hose.
  • COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT making it easy to carry or drag from one part of your yard to the next.

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#3 Zero-G Garden Hose

This is a non-retractable non-expandable hose and can withstand water pressure up to 600 psi. At just over 4 lbs the hose is lightweight and has a high-density fiber jacket which saves the hose from damage while being dragged across hard surfaces. The product can be utilized with a hose reel for ease of use. The couplings at both the ends of the hose are made of crush proof patented material and provides a leak proof watering or washing experience. The hose is compatible with most hose reels. However, it does not come with a nozzle which is a bit disappointing considering the price. You will have to budget extra for the nozzle. The product does not kink or constrain water flow even when it is stretched across tight corners, which allows for consistent flow of water. These are very easy to coil even when you are not using the hose reel. In case you have a larger garden and require more than a 50 ft of hose, you may want to purchase two of these, and a connector, to attach the two hoses quickly and still retain your flexibility to use a lighter hose (50 ft) when the requirement suits it.


  • Durable product with high water pressure withstanding ability of 600 psi
  • Drinking water safe
  • Good quality and durable couplings reduce experiences of leaks at the source of water
  • Available in hose lengths of 25, 50 and 100 ft
  • Compatible with most hose reels


  • Low maximum feed water temperature of 80 degree Fahrenheit (or 27 degree Celsius)
  • Does not come with a nozzle. You will have to budget extra if you require a nozzle

zero-G 4001-50 Lightweight,...
  • 50% Lighter Weight Compared to Commercial Vinyl Hose
  • Jobsite Tough - Abrasion, Leak & Puncture Resistant with Burst Rating of 600+ PSI
  • Kink-Resistant, Easy to Maneuver, Drinking Water Safe & Lead Free. Maximum feed water temperature (F): 80
  • Does NOT Expand or Retract, Guaranteeing an Uninterrupted and High Water Flow Rate
  • Assembled in USA

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#4 Expandable Garden Hose by Monyar

The garden hose by Monyar is constructed with a double latex high density core to prevent leaks and a polyester outer covering for an aesthetic appearance. This is a lightweight expandable water hose which can be expanded up to 30 ft and weighs just over 2 lbs. This is a good fit for the elderly with a small backyard or garden which can be reached with a 30 ft radius. In case you require a longer hose, we recommend you buy two of these and use a connector to connect the two and increase your reach from the water source. The product comes with a 9 options nozzle which sprays water at different pressures and patterns and makes the hose suitable for a number of activities. When combined with the price, this makes the hose a great cost-effective option to go for. The hose also comes with extra rubber washers / rubber sealing rings for the brass connectors, a bag to pack the hose and a hook to store the hose away after use. The water control below the nozzle is a welcome feature which allows the user to turn off the water without going back all the way to the water source.


  • Comes with 9 pattern nozzle with an anti-slip trigger for ease of use
  • Valve can be turned off from the nozzle to avoid trips back to water source and helps greatly in preventing water wastage
  • Comes with a hose hanger, 3 spare sealing rings and a carrying bag
  • Can withstand water pressures up to 175 psi
  • Lightweight at just over 2 lbs (25 ft hose)
  • Minimal instances of kinking which can reduce water pressure
  • Good value for money


  • Cannot be used with a hose reel
  • May get damaged when dragged over hard concrete or sharp objects

monyar Garden Hose Expandable...
  • 【INCREDIBLE DURABILITY & HEAVY DUTY】- The pipe, brass connectors, valve, nozzle and spray are made with durable premium materials and fabric. They will not rust, leak, tear, rip or crack, and this garden hose design for long-term use
  • 【9 PATTERN WATER HOSE NOZZLE】- Compared to most 8 pattern hose nozzle. Our Water nozzle with 9 pattern (FULL, FLAT, SHOWER, CONE, SOAKER, JET, ANGLE, MIST and CENTER).Durable hose nozzle surface structure; the rubberized outer coating is slip-resistant and comfy; water controlling knob for changing the water pressure; rotating bezel for easy choosing kind of spray. Select right type of the stream and water plants, clean garden or pool, shower pet or wash car
  • 【FLEXIBLE DESIGN】- When the water is turned on the hose quickly expands up to 30 feet with the water pressure (3-12 Bar) and returns in minutes to its original length when the water is out. Just make sure there is enough water pressure to expand the garden hose.The water hose grows because of its double latex core with high density, low friction and 3750D polyester outer fabric. Never again will you have to lug around heavy rubber and vinyl garden hoses that kink and tangle
  • 【LIGHTWEIGHT AND FLEXIBILITY】- The expandable garden hose is lightweight. The original length is 10 feet. It can be expanded up to 3 times of its original length with water pressure, then retracts when the water is turned off. Never kink and tangle. Lightweight, compact and storage easy
  • 【EASY TO USE & STOREGE】- Usage and storage is a breeze thanks to the incredible expanding design. Super lightweight retractable garden hose can expands 3x to an impressive 30ft and returns to its original length in minutes for simple storage!

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#5 Garden Hose by Kareeme

The expandable garden hose has a four-layer leak proof design to prevent water leakage at the source. The inner 3 layer latex core prevents the hose from developing leaks and the outer layer is made of polyester to provide a convenient kink-free and tangle free garden watering experience. The hose stretches 3 times of its starting size (for example the 17 ft hose will stretch up to 50 ft) and is lightweight at just 2.45 lbs. The hose expands when water runs through it, however, if the water pressure is less than 40 – 80 psi, it may not expand to its full length. The hose can withstand water pressure up to 12 bars or 175 psi. While contracting after water is turned off, however, the hose will require some bit of help from you to fully contract to its original length. The hose does not come with a nozzle and you will have to budget extra for that, however, the package comes with three extra rubber washers and a hanging bracket.


  • The valve at the watering end of the hose can be used to turn off water and saves water as well as trips back to the water source
  • Can withstand water pressure up to 175 psi
  • Available in sizes of 25 / 50 / 75 / 100 ft
  • Compatible with a range of spray nozzles
  • Very lightweight with the 50 ft hose weighing less than 2.5 lbs


  • Does not come with a nozzle which has to be bought separately
  • The hose cannot be used with water with temperatures greater than 45 degree Celsius
  • Not recommended to use with a hose reel

KAREEME 50ft Expandable Garden...
  • ADVANCED LEAK-PROOF CONNECTOR DESIGN: Upgraded exclusive patented leak-proof protector design is applied to the streamlined design, conforms to the fluidity of the water flow, the advanced internal construction can protect the inner tube, each customer can manually disassemble or assemble to cut and repair the water tube, easy to operate. The expandable garden hose can last its service life.
  • EXPANDS LENGTH UP TO 3 TIMES: The flexible garden hose starts out 17 Feet and expands up to 50 Feet at full length with full water pressure but contracts in seconds to 17 Feet after water is out! NOTE: If you find this hose does not extend to 50 ft, please kindly make sure whether the faucet is at full blast. Besides, it is a suitable condition that the water pressure is under 40-80psi, if lower than it, the garden hose does not have enough pressure to expand the length.
  • MULTIPURPOSE GARDEN HOSE: This expanding garden hose can suitable for watering your lawn, clean your yard, wash your car and even shower your pets. Besides, Just drain water from the hose when not in use, put into your storage room and store out of the direct sun, which is helpful to last its lifetime. Hurry to take away the heavy rubber hose, enjoy your garden life.
  • EXTRA STRENGTH FABRIC & 3/4” SOLID BRASS FITTINGS: The expanding water hose is applied to the high-density 3-layer latex core and a powerful 3750D polyester fabric cover to prevent breakage and leakage. It can withstand water pressure 3-12 Bar and temperature 41℉-113℉. This garden hose for long-term use. You can find any spray nozzle on the market to add to this amazing garden hose.
  • 100% SATISFACTORY AFTER-SALE SERVICE - Our company try our best to commit to study and innovated premium water hose, assure each person who love gardening can trust our garden hose, We provide with enthusiastic after-sale service. If you have any questions, please free to contact us.

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How to Care for Your Garden Hose?

Following the below best practices will help you to maximize the useful life of your garden hose.

  • After you are done using the hose, you should always turn off the water source and let as much water drain out of the pipe as possible. Not turning off water source can burst your hose as the nozzle will also cut off water supply at the other end.
  • Avoid moving the water filled hose by the nozzle. The hose along with water is quite heavy and the nozzle may come lose with time.
  • While storing away for the winter, ensure that you store it indoor with all the water drained out and coiled in a comfortable radius (not too tight).
  • It is also not advisable to leave your hose outdoors in the harsh sun for long to dry, it may develop cracks which may result in leaks in the long run.


The hose that you will buy must also depend on how serious a gardener you are and if this is a long-term plan. If you are anticipating a few seasons under the sun, you should be investing in a hose that will be durable and lightweight and be prepared to pay a little extra for it. Advances in materials technology and nozzles have drastically improved products in this category in the last decade. So, reap full benefit from it and get set for a great gardening experience.

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