53 thoughtful gifts for the elderly that they will love

Our parents invest a lot in us. They start out by spending countless sleepless nights, feeding us, bathing us, changing us and rocking us to sleep. As we reach adolescence, they take care of our education, our friendships, our hobbies and our quirks. They guide us towards right and wrong, they teach us values and how to live in a civilized society.

When we grow older – they stand by us through our trials and tribulations. They give us comfort and advice when we are down, and rejoice with us in our highs. So, when there comes a time to celebrate this special bond, we often find ourselves in a fix. What do you gift a parent who has already given you so much?

While no gift in the world can repay the love and devotion with which our parents took care of us, it’s always good to share tokens of appreciation! And really, it’s the thought that matters when gifting.

Thoughtful gifts for the elderly that they will love

With that in mind, we have compiled a list of 53 thoughtful gifts for the elderly that they will absolutely love and use in their day to day life.

In this list, we have included practical items that they can use everyday to make their lives easier. We have also included some interesting and “different” gifting ideas for the more wacky parents!

To cover all budgets, we have categorized the gift ideas as under $25, between $25 and $100 and more than $100.

So go ahead and explore some of the most thoughtful gifts for the elderly that will make their life convenient.

Thoughtful gifts for the elderly – Gifts under $25

We start off with a list of gifts for the elderly that are thoughtful, yet on a budget. They will form great add-ons to your birthday, Christmas or Mother’s/Father’s Day gifts.

#1 Picture Puzzles: Remember When? How Many Differences Can You Find?

ir?t=helpw01 20&language=en US&l=li3&o=1&a=1605531618Do you remember the “Find 10 mistakes in this picture” puzzles that all of us have done at some point or the other in our lives? Well “Brain games” puts a new twist on that game – the pictures are all late twentieth century photos that bring back nostalgic memories of the golden period of your parents’ lives! Moreover, according to research, playing games can have beneficial therapeutic effects for the elderly.

“Besides their entertainment value, games can have beneficial therapeutic effects for elderly people that improve their health and well-being.” –  50th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (2017) 

In this picture puzzle book, each image has two copies – an original, and one slightly modified. The game is to spot the mistakes in the second picture. There are 4 sections of such picture puzzles, with each section becoming progressively more difficult. This not only keeps their interest but also improves mental activity of the elderly.

Apart from reminding them of their youth, this book is great for the elderly. It has large, clear pictures on each page. It is spiral bound (another blast from the past) – which means that the pages never get torn or crumpled, no matter how many times you visit a page. This indeed makes for a thoughtful gift for the elderly!

Brain Games - Picture Puzzles:...
  • Photo puzzles that will bring back fond memories of a simpler time
  • Takes you on a journey back in time with delightful photos and bits of trivia sprinkled throughout
  • Includes 4 different skill levels to build up the puzzler's sleuthing skills become more acute
  • Publications International Ltd. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

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#2 Foot Massager Roller – Relieves Plantar Fasciitis, Stress, Heel, Arch Pain

According to a study done in 2016, foot pain impacts one out of 4 people above the age of 45. If your elderly parents are also one of those afflicted with foot pain, then this might be the perfect gift for them. Even if they are free of foot pain, this massager is a must-have item for anyone who wants to lead an active life and is interested in an alternative solution to pain killers for treating foot pain after a hard day’s work. Heck, you may consider buying it yourself for a nice foot massage after a hard day at work!

One of the highest-rated massage products, the TheraFlow dual foot massager is known to significantly improve patients with plantar fasciitis (a condition which causes acute pain in the heels with the first steps of the day).

The number of acupressure nubs, arch, elevation and spacing has all been configured through user testing and feedback, giving the user the best experience. The customer service for this product is amazing. The sellers will inform your loved one before the arrival of the product about how to use it best. Another thoughtful gift for the elderly!

TheraFlow Dual Foot Massager...
  • ✔MAXIMUM RELAXATION: Melt the aches & stresses away as you glide your feet on the TheraFlow. Feel the warmth of reflexology radiate from your feet to the rest of your body. Breathe. Relax.
  • ✔FEEL THE THERAFLOW DIFFERENCE! Enjoy an unrivaled foot massage experience with a device perfected through 1000s of customer feedback & actual testing. Every detail like the number of acupressure nubs, arch, elevation & spacing has been painstakingly configured to suit a range of feet types. Generic rollers just do not match up
  • ✔NO MORE FOOT PAIN: Find relief for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, neuropathy or simply tired & sore feet after a hard day's work. 10 independently-moving rollers surpass even expensive electric massagers in stimulating & soothing the feet
  • ✔FOR ANYONE, USE ANYWHERE: Perfect for feet of all sizes & weighing just 1.5lbs, our massager is portable enough to use while travelling, at work, or while watching TV. Take it wherever you go!
  • ✔NO HASSLE GUARANTEE & BONUS TIPS INCLUDED: If you’re unhappy with your Theraflow Foot Massager for any reason, we'll replace it or give you a refund, no questions asked! (*Note: Instructions & tips sheet on proper usage is included in the package & will also be emailed to you upon confirmation of delivery)

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#3 Easy Can Opener for Arthritis

Opening a soda or water bottle while cooking is frustrating even to the healthy and able-bodied. But when it comes to our elderly loved ones, especially those afflicted with arthritis and weak ligaments, it can be downright dangerous.

This wonderful and unique device makes opening a plastic and soda bottle cap easy as a breeze! It can be used with a wide variety of products. It can make it really easy to open soda bottles, soup cans, pet food cans, water bottle caps, beer bottle caps and even beer cans.

This device is really easy to use, even with the weakest of hands. There is no risk of hurting either your fingers or nails with it. To top it all off, you can hang it in your utensil’s drawer or even off the refrigerator due to its magnetic backing, where it makes for a pretty looking refrigerator magnet.

Open Soda & Water Plastic Caps...
  • magicOpener EXTREME has been designed to open most soda plastic bottles and water bottles with small and standard caps, among other functions. It comes ready to open 4 different sizes of plastic caps. NO EFFORT IS NEEDED – This arthritis water bottle opener magic Opener EXTREME PROVIDES ALL THE LEVERAGE POINTS NEEDED TO FACILITATE OPENING BOTTLES AND CANS - as seen on tv BOTTLE OPENERS - Ask for help – NO MORE!!!! - (Watch video) twist off bottle opener - magnetic bottle opener - fridge bottle.
  • This arthritis water bottle opener - kitchen tools gift INCLUDES TRADITIONAL GLASS BOTTLE OPENER FOR ALL IN ONE CONVENIENCE. With the best #1 beer bottle opener INCLUDED, you can open your beer bottles and beer can with ease. Glass bottles with bottle tin cap are easy to open with this unique magic Bottle Opener Gift - Arthritis help tools - TWIST OFF BOTTLE CAPS EASILY - bottle opener for seniors and for All walks of life! - kitchen tools for arthritic hands - Elderly - AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS.
  • This arthritis WATER BOTTLE OPENER opens your plastic soda bottles by simply placing gently on the plastic cap and twisting to break the seal. No Effort is required to use this magnificent patented magic bottle opener tool. Great coca cola bottle opener, beer bottle opener and similar - Arthritis help tools - AS SEEN ON TV elderly aids bottle opener products & kitchen tools for arthritic hands - Elderly tools, kitchen tools & kitchen gifts for seniors, bottle opener with magnets devices - items
  • This arthritis water bottle opener OPENS PULL-TAB FOOD CANS by simply sliding under the can tab, lifting and pulling back. Opens aluminum pull-tab soda cans and beer cans by sliding under the tab and lifting. NOTE: It comes READY TO OPEN THE MOST COMMON PLASTIC BOTTLE CAPS IN THE MARKET (Including Soda bottles) easy and smoothly. Just find the cap size you need to open gently insert, twist and VOILA your bottle is open with this arthritis helpers, arthritis help tools - AS SEEN ON TV PRODUCTS.
  • ZERO-RISK MONEY BACK No Questions Asked. This water bottle opener is made with high-quality plastic and metal, it'll stand up to heavy use. If you're not astounded by each water bottle opener in the first 30-DAYS of using it, return it and we'll refund you. Our MONEY BACK No questions asked and USA-based customer care team will ensure your complete satisfaction. BUY it RIGHT NOW and enjoy this arthritis bottle opener - arthritis can opener for long time to come! - AS SEEN ON TV BOTTLE OPENER.

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#4 Sock & Stocking Aid Kit for Elderly

With age, the body loses the flexibility to be able to bend down, twist and turn and haggle with your socks, all at the same time. Pulling on one’s socks, therefore, becomes a major challenge for the elderly. This is exactly where the sock auxiliary tool from Fanwer comes in handy.

First, put the sock on top of the slider kit It is made of terry cloth, which gives a gentle yet firm grip on your sock. Then, you can pull up the sock using the stirrups attached on either side of the slider kit. While pulling out the socks, you can apply the same method in reverse.

The device works on any size of socks and shoes, and it is very easy to use once you get a hang of it.

Socks Auxiliary Tool,Flexible...
501 Reviews
Socks Auxiliary Tool,Flexible...
  • ❤INSTRUCTIONS:The fast and easy way to put your socks on & take them off, easy to use; Place your sock on the slider kit,and slide your foot in. You can watch our video on how to use it, it will help you put on your socks more easily.
  • ❤SCOPE OF APPLICATION:This Slider kits works with most types of socks, regardless of whether you choose dress socks, casual ones, athletic ones.
  • ❤FOR PEOPLE:The Sock Slider Kit will help you slide your socks on without bending over, twisting or turning.If you have trouble bending, limited flexibility, or limited reach, the Sock Aid can help you regain independence by allowing you to easily put on and take off your socks without bending or needing assistance from someone else. Prefect for users with mobility limitations, injuries, and pregnancy.
  • ❤ SPECIAL MATERIAL:sock aid is covered with terry cloth for a gentle yet firm grip on your socks that lets you easily pull them up without tearing the fabric. The large loop handles allow for easier grip and pull that's gentle on your hands. The Sock Slider Kit will help you slide your socks on without bending over, twisting or turning.
  • ❤📨WORRY-FREE SERVICE:Fanwer provides the most efficient and quality customer service. if you are not satisfied for the product, we will immediately give you the most satisfactory solution.

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#5 Clamp-on Tub Rail

If your loved ones are ageing-in-place or are living in any place where they have limited assistance available to them, then this will really make for a thoughtful gift. It is a complete no-brainer and an absolute necessity for the bathtub.

According to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, more than a quarter of million people are injured in bathrooms. Bathroom accidents lead to tens of thousands of people visiting the emergency room, some of them even in critical condition. The elderly are a large proportion of those people. The primary source of these bathroom accidents is slipping in or near the bathtub while bathing.

The Drive Medical Tub Rail helps prevents just such accidents. It is a grab bar for support in sitting down or getting up from a bathtub. This grab bar is attractively designed in a pure white steel frame, with clamps near the base for attaching to the bathtub. There are rubber pads on the clamps which ensure a secure fit and avoid scratching the bathtub. The width of the guard rail adjusts between 3 to 7 inches and has a weight capacity of about 300 pounds.

To top it off, you can be even more thoughtful and install this grab bar in your elderly parents’ bathroom. Its installation is pretty easy and does not need any special tools.

Drive Medical Steel Clamp on...
  • Durable
  • white
  • powder-coated steel construction; Tool Free installation
  • Width adjusts from 3" - 7" and handle design provides secure hand position
  • Stainless steel locking mechanism and non-wearing rubber pads provide scratch-proof security

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#6 Button Hook – Zipper Pull Helper

Loss of dexterity and vision is a common problem with age. Many small daily activities which we consider ordinary in our youth become excruciatingly difficult as we grow older. One such activity is doing our buttons, which requires hand-eye coordination and patience.

The Vive Button Hook is an easy to use device. Attached to a solid easy-grip handle it helps you to button the most difficult of pants and shirts buttons. It has a slim but durable wire loop which slides easily through the smallest of buttonholes while making sure that your fabric is not harmed in any way. After passing through the hole, the narrow end of the loop narrows at the tip, helping to lock the button in place.

There is also a zipper hook which is useful for doing zippers on pants and jackets.

The Vive button hook comes with a 60-day guarantee, and makes for quite a thoughtful gift for the elderly.

Vive Button Hook - Zipper Pull...
  • EASILY BUTTON CLOTHES: Eliminates the pain and frustration that comes from buttoning small buttons. The non-slip handle provides a comfortable secure grip while enabling independent dressing. For use on any size of button, the button hook makes buttoning clothing hassle free, perfect for those with limited dexterity and those suffering from arthritis or carpal tunnel.
  • EASY GRIP HANDLE: The button hook has a flexible ribbed handle to provide a comfortable, non-slip grip. Perfect for arthritic hands, the cushioned handle is comfortably wide to allow for greater control when securing buttons or zipping pants, jackets or other clothing.
  • SNAG FREE WIRE LOOP: The steel wire loop is slim, yet durable. Easily sliding through small buttonholes, the wire loop is smooth and will not snag the fabric or buttonhole threads. The wire loop narrows at the tip to lock the button in place, making pulling it through the buttonhole easier.
  • CONVENIENT ZIPPER HOOK: A steel zipper hook makes zipping clothing and jackets easy. The narrow hook slides into most zipper pulls for added convenience.
  • VIVE GUARANTEE: 60 day guarantee so you can purchase now with confidence

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#7 Adaptive Utensils for Elderly with a Weak Hand Grip

The ability to have a dignified meal is an important part of being a human being. Old age tends to rob us of even these small mercies. Diseases such as Parkinson’s’ or arthritis cause our hands to tremor and lose the ability to grip. Holding utensils properly, cutting food with a knife or picking it up with a fork or even having soup with a spoon may become a difficult and embarrassing task.

The BUNMO adaptive utensil set is a convenient set of 4 utensils – tablespoon, teaspoon, rocker knife and fork that has been designed keeping in mind adaptive needs. It has large, easy to grip handles which are lightweight and are easy to hold up. For people who find gripping their fork and knife difficult, these are the perfect size, shape and weight.

These utensils are not just a utility, they are a gift item that gives independence and dignity to our loved ones. If your parents are in a position where they require adaptive utensils, these will make for a very thoughtful gift for them.

BUNMO Adaptive Utensils for...
  • LARGE EASY-GRIP HANDLES: Our light weighted foam grip handles are designed for maximum hold
  • SUPPORTIVE UTENSILS – Specially designed assistive devices. Great as elderly & handicap utensils
  • CONVENIENT FOUR-PIECE SET: Tablespoon, teaspoon, rocker knife and fork. Perfect arthritis aids
  • PREMIUM STAINLESS STEEL: BunMo Adaptive Silverware is made of high quality rustproof stainless steel
  • SHARP KITCHEN KNIFE: Original curved design, sharp and meets the standards of adaptive equipment

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#8 Reacher Grabber Tool

AReacher Grabber Tool


Find out more on Amazon

A simple gift for anyone who finds it difficult to bend down and pick up things, the reacher grabber performs its function without any fuss and with complete efficiency. It is versatile enough to pick up items ranging from a coin up to an envelope and strong enough to grab the household trash for the week (up to 3 to 5 pounds). It has an extra-strength gripper and is made of premium lightweight aluminum alloy.

The reacher grabber significantly eases reaching out for things for those suffering from arthritis or carpel-tunnel syndrome. The unique foldable design which allows you to shorten the length makes it extremely portable and handy to carry around. The rubberized jaw is fully rotatable up to 360 degrees (in increments of 90 degrees). This makes it easier to reach difficult places while grabbing.

Reacher Grabber Tool, 32"...
  • EASY GRABBING: Reacher grabber to pick up items with easy, picks up coins, envelops, trash etc, easily pull the trigger, it starts work, reduces labor intensity, makes our work become easier.
  • EXTRA STRENGTH GRIPPER: Textured rubberized ends easy to grab 3-5 pounds of objects that don't fall off, it can be used to hold a red wine glass without leaving a clip.
  • PREMIUM MATERIAL: Use lightweight aluminum alloy material, reduced labor intensity, wth arthritis and carpel tunnel syndrome and need products like this which are easy to use.
  • FOLDABLE DESIGN: Adopt folding type design, shorten length, facilitate outdoor carry, also can collect in the cabinet, make the home puts more neat and beautiful.
  • ROTATING & RUBBERIZED JAW: Jaw can rotate a full 360 degrees in 90 increments to be used both vertically and horizontally for hard to reach places.

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#9 Pill Pro – Weekly Pill Organizer

Pill Pro - Weekly Pill Organizer


Find out more on Amazon

This handy little pill organizer and cum medicine cabinet is a beautiful way to organize your medicines so that you never forget to take your medicines again. It has 7 portable trays, one for each day of the week, and each tray is divided into 4 sections. There is one section each for the morning, afternoon evening and night.

The trays stack one up over each other so that once the day is done, you can put the tray back in the queue and the next day’s tray automatically becomes the next one to come out.

This medicine organizer is extremely useful for people with dementia and memory loss. It makes for a very thoughtful gift for the elderly who struggle to keep their medicines organized and are prone to missing their medication.

Pill Pro - Weekly Pill...
  • Pill Pro, 7 Portable Trays 1 For Every Day Of The Week.
  • Organizes Pills & Vitamins By Day & Time Of Day, Each Tray Is Labeled For Morning.
  • Afternoon, Evening & Night, Each Tray Is Removable.

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#10 LongBay Women’s Furry Memory Foam Slippers

LongBay women’s shoes are great for the elderly. These slipper-shoes are comfortable for people suffering from arthritis, diabetes, edema, neuropathy and plantar fasciitis. They have a soft wool-like knit upper and High-density 80D memory foam cushions under the feet. The easy to put on hook and loop closure mechanism provides relief for tired and swollen feet.

The sole is made of non-slip rubber to reduce the likelihood of slip and fall accidents. Their insole supports your feet and provides relief from common foot pain due to long periods of being on one’s feet or walking.

These shoes are available in 3 color choices – grey, pink and burgundy, for the aesthetically discerning. They are also machine washable, making them a practical choice for daily wear inside the house. All in all, they will make for quite a thoughtful gift for the elderly.

LongBay Women's Furry Memory...
  • IDEAL SLIPPER SHOES - Soft wool-like knit upper plus silky faux bunny fur lining, with unique hook & loop closure for adjustable comfort perfect for tired, swollen feet and better stability. Easy slip-on, full coverage style with comfortable, adjustable strap for customized fit that hugs your feet.
  • CUSHIONING & SUPPORT - High density 80D memory foam cushions your every step and feels like ergonomic pillows under your feet. Supportive insole relaxes your arch and soothes common foot pains (e.g. plantar fasciitis) from all-day walking or standing.
  • NON SLIP RUBBER SOLE - Durable rubber sport sole provides non skid traction and indoor & outdoor versatility. So you can wear them freely at home in living room or bedroom. You can also step outside the house to fetch the morning paper or check the mailbox without switching shoes.
  • PERFECT GIFT CHOICES - Available in 3 colors, light gray, cute pink and burgundy red, perfect for women of all ages and lifestyles. They are great gifts for girlfriend, wife, mommy, daughter or your loved ones who would like to enhance comfort for sensitive, diabetic, arthritis edema, neuropathy and plantar fasciitis feet.
  • SIZING & CARING TIP - These casual bootie slippers come in 6 sizes (size 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10) could fit all standard, slim or wide feet. If you are between sizes (such as size 7.5, 8.5, 9.5, etc.), please get the next size up. These closed toe scuffs are also machine washable, which makes caring for them easily.

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#11 Universal Big Button TV Remote

The Universal Big Button TV remote is another very helpful device for seniors struggling with poor vision, reduced dexterity in the hands, dementia and confusion. By limiting the number of buttons to just 6, this beautiful remote limits the amount of confusion most TV remotes these days create by providing 100s of options. The 6 buttons are large and easy to operate.

The remote is powerful enough to control both your TV and your cable box simultaneously, and it works well with all major TV’s and set-top boxes that accept infrared input.

It has a nice, petite handheld design and the buttons are backlit so that they can be seen even in the dark. The remote also has a sturdy wrist strap, that prevents misplacement. The remote also features a universal library, which will scan for all your TV codes in a few seconds. The remote even has a learning mode where you can customize the remote key as per what I have.

This remote has a 90-day money-back guarantee, so it can be purchased without any fear of losing money on the device.

Universal Big Button TV Remote...
  • ✔ TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR HOME ENTERTAINMENT – Controls both your TV and Cable Box (IR) with the same remote. The EasyMote is all you need for a stress free, easy to navigate experience with your Television. No more complicated remotes! Works with all major IR (infrared) TVs and Set Top Boxes. (Make sure to activate IR in Xfinity and Dish!).
  • ✔ SLEEK HANDHELD DESIGN – 6 Large, Bright, Backlit buttons for basic TV control with CLEAR and BIG button text for easy-to-see use, even in the dark. Including a STRONG WRIST STRAP, which is made from a strong, comfortable-to-wear material, which prevents misplacement.
  • ✔ UNIVERSAL LIBRARY – ‘Quick Search’ will scan for your TVs code, it’s easy and takes a matter of seconds, also featuring a learning mode that allows you to program each button to a custom command. The EasyMote is a smart remote with learning capabilities, meaning you can teach it custom commands from your original TV or Cable Box remote.
  • ✔ THE PERFECT GIFT – A thoughtful gift for seniors, caregivers, loved ones, or someone with low or impaired vision. Plus, a great feature in any hospital, hotel room or nursing home - Batteries not included.
  • ✔ MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Backed by the Continu.us 90-day warranty, test your EasyMote with your Cable Box and Television and either love it or get your money back. Our friendly technical support team is based in the USA and always on hand to help should you need it. A phone call or email away, they can answer any question you might have.

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#12 HealthSmart Swivel Seat Cushion

Knee or hip strain due to twisting and turning while getting up is a major cause of leg injuries for the elderly. The HealthSmart Swivel Seat helps to avoid these injuries by converting any and every seat to a 360-degree swivel chair.

The cushion itself is made from high-quality foam, and the outer covering is made from premium designed fabric. The exterior look is elegant and can be used anywhere, including your car, van or even home and office space. The cover is machine washable, so it can retain the premium look with regular washing and cleaning. The bottom has a non-skid, flexible base which can swivel up to 360 degrees.

The cushion is only 15 X 15 inches in size and adds about 1.5 inches in height to the seat. It is lightweight (only 2.4 pounds), which makes it easy to carry around with you to your car, home and office. The cushion supports weights of up to 300 pounds and makes for a very useful gift for seniors..

HealthSmart Swivel Seat...
  • Convert Any Stationary Chair Into a Swiveling Chair. Seat Cushion Swivels 360 Degrees to Help Relieve Back, Knee or Hip Strain Caused by Twisting and Turning When Getting in and Out of Any Seat
  • Premium Designed Fabric and Color Options Look Great in Any Car, Van, Truck, Office or Home.
  • DUAL PURPOSE swivel with increased height provides the perfect addition to any seat
  • QUALITY MATERIAL high grade foam holds its shape and feels soft and comfortable, helping to reduce pressure on the back and tailbone. Non-skid, flexible swivel base contours to seat and stays in place
  • PRODUCT SPECS compact size 15" X 1-3/8" Inches. Removable cover is machine washable

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#13 Moen 24-Inch Bathroom Grab Bar

Grab bars play an important role in preventing washroom related accidents, which is one of the major causes of home injuries. Seniors are typically a large proportion of those who suffer washroom injuries.

The Moen 8724 is a basic, sturdy, stylishly designed grab bar that supports a weight of up to 500 pounds when installed on a stud or on secure mounts.

While you may think this is not the most glamorous of gifts, grab bars are one of the most sensible and useful items in a loved one’s washroom, and they are also one of the most easily ignored items. So, go ahead, gift a set of grab bars, install them in your parents’ washroom and be safe today rather than sorry tomorrow!

Moen 8724 Home 24-Inch...
  • Coordinating Finish: Stainless finish coordinates with today's popular kitchen appliances and accessories
  • Supportive Design: Bathroom grab bar supports up to 500 pounds when installed in a stug or when using SecureMounts (not included)
  • Safe and Secure: SecureMount design for easy, secure installation (sold separately)
  • Peace of Mind: Designed for hassle free installation
  • Stainless finish delivers a lightly brushed warm grey metallic look

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#14 MagniPros 3X Large Ultra Bright LED Page Magnifier

MagniPros 3X Large Ultra Bright LED Page Magnifier


Find out more on Amazon

This is one of the best over the counter vision aids available on the market. It is very helpful for patients of macular degeneration. It has 12 LED lights on the body of the magnifier to enhance readability, all covered by anti-glare reflectors (thus protecting the reader’s eyes). It has a large magnifying lens which provides magnification in a 4.5 X 7-inch space, increasing the size by up to 300%.

The LED bulbs are energy-efficient and come with a dimmer switch to save energy when not in need so that batteries last twice as long as they ordinarily would.

The unit itself is ergonomically designed weighing only 6 ounces, therefore it is easy to hold in the hand and carry around in a purse or pocket. Due to the strong LED lights, it can also be used as a flashlight in the dark. Indeed, a thoughtful gift for the elderly!

MagniPros 3X Large Ultra...
  • ★ THE MOST ADVANCED LIGHTING SYSTEM ON MAGNIFIER: This led magnifier is equipped with 12 SMD led lights which are covered by anti-glare reflector, therefore, lighting will be directed to an designated area without glare to your eyes, and provide evenly lit viewing area.
  • ★ LARGE VIEWING AREA WITH CRYSTAL CLEAR LENS: Optical grade magnifying lens covers large viewing area without having your hands to move all the time, lens(viewing area) is measured 4.5"x 7" and magnifies up to 300%.
  • ★ 12 ENERGY EFFICIENT SMD LEDs CONTROLLED BY DIMMABLE SWITCH: Our SMD LEDs are designed to last 100,000+ hours not only provide more evenly lit and brighter viewing area but consume less power than traditional LEDs so a new set of batteris would last twice longer.
  • ★ LIGHTWEIGHT & ERGONOMIC DESIGN: The unit itself only weights 6 ounces, and the grip of this LED magnifier is ergonomically designed for most hands,therefore, ideal for long reading time.
  • ★BRIGHTEST & THE BEST READING MAGNIFIER:The brightness level peaks at 720 lumens, the brightest on the market, these LEDs are designed to last for more than 20 years without burning out or overheating.

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#15 “Senior Driver” Car Magnet

Senior Driver Car Magnet


Find out more on Amazon

Everyone loves a good joke, even our parents. This little “Senior Driver” Car Magnet is a fun gift to give on the occasion of birthdays or over the hill celebrations.

You can put it in your parents’ car or even inside the house, and it can be a source of fun conversation and jokes. It is small in size (8 X 8 inch) and easy to put up.

"Senior Driver" Car Magnet,...
  • Measures 8" x 8"
  • "Senior Driver" safety sign car magnet
  • Fun gift or car accessory for over the hill celebrations
  • For birthday parties and other festive occasions

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#16 Brain Games – Bible Find a Word – Large Print

This spiral-bound, large print, puzzle book is a perfect gift for seniors with a religious bent of mind. There are over 80 bible-themed puzzles and word searches in this book. Each puzzle contains verses from the bible that can be found inside the word search puzzle. The complete solutions are also part of the book which is just a little under 200 pages thick.

The spiral binding makes the pages easy to visit and revisit without fear of damaging or tearing out any part, and the puzzles are done beautifully in different shapes – hearts, crosses and other shapes. It will make a great gift for the spiritually inclined.

Brain Games - Bible Find a...
  • Publications International Ltd. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)
  • 192 Pages - 02/01/2016 (Publication Date) - Publications International, Ltd. (Publisher)

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#17 Adult Bibs for Eating with Crumb Catcher

We have already mentioned a set of adaptive utensils in our list of thoughtful gifts for the elderly. This is another product that helps seniors with conditions such as Parkinsons’. It helps seniors eat with grace and dignity without having to be embarrassed every time.

This 3 pack of adult bibs are a practical solution to the inevitable spill and mess that can happen. They are eye-catching and unique, provide grace to the person wearing them and protect clothing. These adult bibs are 18 inches wide and 30 inches long. They are made of polyester microfiber with a water-resistant backing, which makes them easy to wash and reuse. They also have an extra-long 2.5 X 6 cm neck strap.

This adult bib is also equipped with a crumb catcher (an optional item with adhesive strap and buttoned closure).

3 Pack Adult Bibs for Eating...
  • INCLUDES: (3) Bibs for Adults / Senior Citizens
  • FULL COVERAGE: Measuring at 18” wide and 30” long, our premium adult bibs protect against spills, splashes, and other accidents - keeping clothing neat and tidy during mealtimes or other activities
  • DESIGN: This set features an assorted mix of beautiful floral print bibs for women that were designed for ageless elegance, dignity and strength, while flaunting a warm color scheme that helps hide spills and stains
  • CRUMB CATCHER: Bibs are designed with a totally optional food catcher with a buttoned closure and an easy-to-use self adhesive strap that makes putting these convenient clothing protectors on and taking them off an easy task
  • 100% REUSABLE: Our clothing protector bibs are made out of highly breathable polyester microfiber for softness, and possess a water resistant vinyl backing that gives these true-value washable items availability for repeated use

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#18 Mesh Puff Bath Sponge

Bathing can be an exacting task. Trying to reach all the nooks and corners of our body requires quite a lot of flexibility, something that we do not realize as much during our youth.

However, for seniors and people with conditions such as arthritis, bathing can become a difficult daily chore. They may even start ignoring to clean areas which are more difficult to reach, which can be very dangerous since it could lead to the growth of bacteria or infections in these areas.

It is here that Mesh Puff Bath Sponge comes in. it is a sponge on a handle, that can easily reach spots that are difficult to reach because of all the twisting and turning that is needed. The sponge installed is a soft one, which does not cause any skin abrasions or damage. The handle is 7 millimetres wide and easy to grip and control even for people with limited dexterity.

The bath sponge comes along with its hanging hook, which can be installed in the bathroom by sticking it up using the double-sided tape provided. It will make for a nice gift for elderly who are struggling to clean themselves during a bath.

Mesh Puff Bath Sponge Body...
  • Recommend to any persons who are not easy to bend over or twist when bath or shower, such as seniors, elderly, patients, pregnant, arthritis sufferers and disability etc. Make shower easier for an elderly or a pregnant, just sit down on the bench, it may help her/him to reach the back or feet more easily.
  • Soft Puff. Gentle massage ONLY. No irritation to your skin in general. Just a regular puff with a handle, save lotion and more bubbles. NOT a SCRUBBER, if exfoliating, please select a scrubber brush, otherwise it may be damaged quickly.
  • Hang up and keep dry after use. Recommend to replace a new one on a regular basis and use different colors in your family, not share with others. A free adhesive hook available, approx. 6X6 cm, paste on any cleaned and smooth surfaces.
  • Different color may be available from time to time, if you like, please try to copy B07L54V4L8 or B07QKXHXPB and search on Amazon for a yellow one, or Ivory: B07B5M6PVH or B07QG5K121 , Pink: B07827TRDZ or B07QKHPZRJ , Green: B07BPRCJVR or B07QKR7JD7 , Blue: B07K5JXVT2 or B07QKHQTWL . Approx 0..26 lbs and 17 inches in total (For your reference only).
  • If any quality problem, please let us know with a photo; If not satisfied, just return, 100% Money back guarantee.

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#19 Water Resistant Tote Bag

This beautiful, water-resistant tote bag can be affixed to easily to most walkers, rollators, wheelchairs and scooters. It adds extra space to carry around your essentials and gives the mobility device a colorful look.

It has two large mesh pockets in the rear to carry bottle waters or for extra storage and 1 8-inch-wide pocket in the front for carrying your phone. The main interior pocket has a large storage area, which comes with a handy key ring holder and a space to put in your cards and ids.

The bag has adjustable straps to affix as per need and is made from high-quality polyester, which can easily be machine washed.

RMS Water Resistant Tote Bag...
  • UNIVERSAL FIT: Fits most walkers, rollators, wheelchairs and scooters.
  • WATER RESISTANT: Made from premium quality polyester to be durable and water resistant. Easy to clean.
  • FRONT & BACK STORAGE: 8" wide pocket in front of the bag make for quick storage and a zippered compartment ideal for holding as big as a iPhone 7 Plus. 2 large mesh pockets in the back for bottle waters or extra storage.
  • INTERIOR STORAGE: The spacious interior has a keyring holder and a slot for storing credit cards or IDs. Easy Hook & Loop Fastener closure.
  • SECURE ATTACHED: Adjustable length straps that are secured with clip fasteners. 2 back straps to secure the bag to side bars of a walker frame. Overall Bag Size: 17" x 9"

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#20 Folding Cane with LED Light

The Ohuhu folding cane is a wonderful device to provide mobility to the elderly who may have issues with stability and balance while walking.

The walking stick stands on its own (it has an anti-slip pivoting base). It is foldable into 4 easy parts, weighs only 1.5 pounds and can support a weight of up to 250 pounds.

The height is adjustable in 5 stages, between 33 to 37 inches, and the walking stick has 6 LED lights built-in, which can guide your loved one during a late-night walk or coming home in the evening.

The stick is ergonomically designed for best comfort and the handle has a contoured shape which easily fits your fist.

Ohuhu Folding Cane with LED...
  • STAND ON ITS OWN: 360 degree ANTI-SLIP pivoting base provides easy walk on all terrain
  • FOLDABLE,LIGHTWEIGHT,and PORTABLE: folds up in seconds,light weight,put it in the coming carrying bag. Anodized aluminum body provides maximum safety to handle up to 250 lbs
  • 5 ADJUSTABLE HEIGHT LEVELS: With the simple push of a button on top of the cane ,you can adjust the height in 1 inch increment from 33 inch to 37 inch
  • 6 BUILT-IN LEDs: The bright lights will safely guide you in dark and the light direction can be adjusted to meet your needs
  • ERGONICALLY DESIGNED, GREAT MOTHER'S DAY GIFT IDEAL: The handle is contoured to fit the shape of your palm and relive wrist pressure as well as a rubber tip for extra grip

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#21 Vodeson Key Finder

This is another great little gadget for the elderly, making it a thoughtful gift for those suffering from dementia, Alzheimers’ or poor memory. The Vodeson key finder consists of 1 radio frequency remote control and 4 key fobs, which can be connected to anything such as car keys, home keychains etc.

The fobs and remote are all lightweight and easy to carry. After pressing the RF remote control button, you will be able to hear a loud beep in the range of 75-90dB, in a range of up to 130 ft.

Apart from the sound, the receiver also starts flashing lights (each one has a different colour) which can be seen from a distance. The flashing lights are a boon for those who may have difficulty listening to the alarm. It’s difficult to miss any object when you have this great key finder!

VODESON Wireless Key Finder RF...
  • USER FRIENDLY & PRACTICAL: Easy to use and convenient, the key finder will be a perfect aid for young mothers, senior citizens and all busy working people. No need to install any APP, just one press on the corresponding will make the receiver beep loudly and flash. Never again waste time looking all over for your missing personal items!
  • PORTABLE TRANSMITTER: Features 2 big buttons, easy to carry and use it anywhere and anytime. This will help you and your beloved ones locate your misplaced keys, wallet or other precious belongings in seconds.
  • 2 ERGONOMIC RECEIVERS: Total 2 receivers provided with key rings, safely storing your wallet, keys or other precious belongings becomes a breeze!
  • EASY TO HEAR AT A DISTANCE: With a loud beep sound at 75-80 Db, your high standard wireless wallet and key locator will be effective for long distances. It is effective even through walls, floors, cushions and leather and up to a distance of 100 ft.
  • 18-MONTH WARRANTY & 30-DAY MONEY BACK POLICY: We respect customers and provide reliable after-sale customer service. We are ready to respond to your questions within 24 hours and guarantee that on top of our 18-month warranty, if you are not positively thrilled with your wireless wallet & key finder, we will fully refund you within 30 days.

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#22 360-Degree Toenail Clipper

This is a toenail clipper which is useful for people who have lost dexterity in their hands or have trembling hands, such as people with Alzheimer’s disease or arthritis.

The clipper has a 360-degree swivel action, which eliminates the need for twisting and turning yourself to clip your nails. It also has an ergonomic clipper handle which has been made keeping seniors in mind. The handle is large and easy to grip.

The EZ Grip 360 has a large grip on the back that makes it easy for seniors with arthritis to hold and use. It is only about 4 inches in size, hence it is portable and can be easily stored anywhere.

EZ Grip 360 Degree Rotary...
  • EZ Grip Precision Ergonomic Designed Rotating 360 Degree Stainless Steel Sharp Blade Finger and Toenail Clipper
  • The Swivel Action of this Clipper will put an end to awkward twisting helping you find a comfortable angle to trim your nails
  • The wide easy grip handles are ergonomically designed to provide you safe secure and comfortable handling while trimming
  • Perfect for those with less flexibility limited dexterity or strength, diabetes, arthritis, other ailments and of course for everyday use!
  • Lightweight and easy to store away, size is approx 4”

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#23 Universal Multi Purpose Handle for Better Grip

The Maddak universal built-up handle is a multipurpose handle which creates a large grip for most common utensils such as knives, forks and spoons instantly. It is ribbed on the sides and is soft to touch, with a 4.4 cm diameter, large enough to be easily held by hand even for patients with Parkinsons’, arthritis or other conditions which impact grasping ability.

One side of the handle has a singular slot which should be used for your spoons or forks. The other end can be used to insert a butter knife. The kit comes in a convenient pack of 4 so that you can make a whole set of utensils in one go. The handle fits conveniently with most other standard flatware such as pens, pencils, toothbrushes etc. It is safe for use in a dishwasher. All said, it is a thoughtful gift for the elderly.

Maddak Universal Built-Up...
  • Ergonomic, soft, built-up handle is ideal for people with arthritis or limited grasping ability
  • Helps to reduce pain and discomfort of holding objects with small diameters
  • Fits most standard flatware as well as pens, pencils, tooth brushes etc.
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Package of 4

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#24 Personal Security Alarm Keychain with LED Lights

The KOSIN safe sound personal alarm is an emergency alarm which can produce a sharp noise of up to 140 dB that can be heard from as far away as 600 feet. It is the size of a key chain and can be used as a night light as well.

These alarms are made from high-quality ABS plasticin which is resistant to falling, crushing and high voltage. They use 3 AA batteries for extended life, with a battery life of up to 365 days.

This is a must-have product for seniors when walking alone or at night time, as they are particularly vulnerable to being accosted by unruly elements. It can also be useful to alert people near them in case of a fall or emergency.

The product comes with a no questions asked lifetime guarantee.

KOSIN Safe Sound Personal...
  • 140db SAFESOUND PERSONAL ALARM: The emergency alarm can make a loud sound to draw attention to protect you from having an emergency even at distances as far as 606.9 ft. In addition, the sounds could last 50 minutes continuous ear-piercing alarm.
  • HIGH POWERED: This Personal Alarm equips with 3 AG13/LR44 batteries for extended life! The AG13/LR44 batteries are the secret to this alarm's painful loudness. They'll last up to 365 days before you need to consider replacing them.
  • MULTI-FUNCTION: With LED lights, the emergency alarms can be applied for night lighting, suitable for people at all ages such as students, elderly, children, women, night workers and so on; You can also use them for traveling, hiking, camping and dog walking at night.
  • COMPACT AND CONVENIENT: The safety alarm keychain has a portable size for easy storage and carrying; It can be attached to women's bags, backpacks, school bags, belt loops, suitcases, keys, dog belts and so on; And you can take it even you are on the plane.
  • ULTRA DURABLE & HIGH QUALITY: The KOSIN Portable Personal Alarm uses superior environmental and durable ABS plasticn, resistance to fall, crush and voltage, and high temperature, and the copper plug, not rusty, beautiful and durable, won't break in your most adverse conditions.

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#25 Foldable Garden Seat (Garden Stool)

Gardening can be a fun activity but requires a lot of patience and the ability to kneel for hours at a time. With growing age, this once loved activity can fall by the wayside because of the pain and inability to kneel.

The TomCare garden kneeler and seat can be a solution to bring the joy of gardening back into our parents’ lives. It is not just a kneeler, it can also be used as a seat. You can kneel when weeding and sit when fishing or resting.

The seat is easy to fold and store, and can be carried around the house with ease. It supports a weight of up to 330 pounds. The seat has a high-quality foam cushion cover for comfort. It has bags and pouches on both sides for tools and equipment, making it one thoughtful gift for the elderly.

TomCare Garden Kneeler Seat...
  • A Multi-functional Kneeler: It is not only a kneeler but also a seat, you can use it as a kneeler when weeding and also can use it as a seat when fishing.
  • Two Convenient Tool Bags: One large tool bag has 4 pockets, and another small tool bag has 3 pockets, it is very convenient to keep your tools outdoor.And you can also take it down anytime, it's easy to clean.
  • Easy to Store: With portable and foldable stool, light-weight, our kneeler is easy to storage, and it will not take up too much your space
  • Durable and High Quality Material: we use foam-padded cushion and durable stool, the foam cushion can make you more comfortable after a long time stopping and avoid possible injuries. The max weight is 330.69lbs.
  • Warranty: The warranty period for this item is one year. If you have any issue with it, you can feel free to contact with us.

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Thoughtful gifts for the elderly – Gifts between $25 and $100

As we work through our list of thoughtful gifts for the elderly, we will now have a look at gifts that are priced between $25 and $100. Depending upon the occasion and your budget, these can be a stand alone gift or something that you can combine with a lower (or higher priced gift).

#26 Electric Heating Pad for Neck Shoulder and Upper Back Pain

Aches and pains are part and parcel of growing old. With age, many parts of our body start feeling these minor niggles, which, if left unchecked, can become larger problems.

This Electric Heating Pad addresses one of the most common pain area – the neck and upper back. Lack of good posture, little or no exercise and poor diet has led us all to a point where neck and back pain has become common, especially amongst our elderly. Which is what makes this one of the most thoughtful gift ideas in the market.

The device uses heating therapy through a contoured pad to relieve pain in the neck and shoulders. It comes equipped with a digital LED controller which has 4 settings for the heating to be applied. There is a dry as well as moist heating effect. The moist heating effect is most useful for arthritis patients.

The product is made from high-quality micro mink fibre and is machine washable. It has a long (9 feet) wire cord and a 2-hour auto cutoff function that is useful for elders who may no longer be as good as remembering things.

Tech Love Electric Heating Pad...
  • Contouring 14" x 22" Heated Pad For Neck and Shoulder – Large size wrap provides therapeutic heat around your neck shoulders, upper back and aching areas to help to sooth muscle pain and tension. Magnetic clasp and slightly weighted edges makes it wrap better and enhance effectiveness of therapy.
  • Fast Heating & 4 Heat Intensives - Neck heating pad heats up to desired temperature in 30 seconds, digital LED controller featured with 4 heat settings, heating pad with 2 hours auto shut-off. 9 feet long cord makes it easy to use at home, office and travel.
  • Dry And Moist Heat Option - Safety use for moist or dry heat therapy. Moist heating pad provides deep penetrating heat, enhances the thermal therapeutic effect of arthritis on the leg, arm or other areas. Dry heat makes it ideal for woman’s neck & back warmer.
  • Machine Washable Soft Micromink Fabric - Premium quality Micromink fabric for ultimate comfort. Machine washable for easy care. Portable Travel Pouch included.
  • 1 Year Warranty & 60 Days Free of Return - 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Package include: neck shoulders heating pad, controller, travel pouch and user manual.

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#27 Digital Calendar Alarm and Clock

This digital calendar + alarm clock is an ideal gift for elderly parents. Everything about it is custom-designed for seniors, such as:

  • 8-inch, high-resolution large screen for easy readability
  • Multiple alarms (2-5) to put in reminders for medicines throughout the day
  • An auto-dimming option which dims the backlight on the product to protect the eyes during night time
  • Large, easily readable characters
  • All information in one place – Day, Date, Month, Year and Time (very useful for people with dementia)
  • Simple, interactive controllers for setting date and time options
  • Grooves to hang on the wall
【Upgraded】 Digital...
  • 【Large Screen Display】- 8" High Resolution Digital Alarm Clock clearly spells out the time, date, month. It's clear enough to look at the time far away. -*** The clock is not battery operated.***
  • 【Multiple Alarm Settings】- There're 2-5 alarm settings available. It's the best clock to remind medicine taken throughout the day for the aged.
  • 【Auto-Dimming Option】- The clock auto dims during the night at 7:00 pm (Mid Brightness or Low Brightness options) and brightens up during the day at 7:00 am (High Brightness). It also has the option to turn off the auto-dimming function, which is convenient for the people who prefer high brightness all the day.
  • 【Ideal Gift】- It's a warm gift for elder parents. Make it much easy to look at the time from far away. A great clock for home living.
  • 【Stylish Design for Décor】- This must be the most delicate alarm clock you've ever seen. It's not only a clock, but also a great decoration for your bedroom and bedside.

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#28 Portable Vehicle Support Grab Bar

The HandyBar is essentially a portable grab bar meant for carrying in your car. It can be fitted into a U-shaped car door striker or latch. This grab bar provides independence and balance to your loved one when trying to get in or out of a car.

The best part about this portable grab bar is that it does not require any installation or modification. It fits easily on both the driver and passenger side of the car and can supports weights up to 350 pounds. But that’s not all! The HandyBar is also a 3-in-1 tool for car safety in case of an emergency. It has a built-in window breaker and a seat belt cutter.

The product weighs only 1 pound and is easy to carry in your car or purse.

Stander HandyBar, Portable...
  • PREVENT FALLS: The HandyBar provides users with stability and balance when standing or sitting from the car; compatible with most vehicles, the grab bar fits parallel to your car when inserted into a U-shaped door striker or door latch, providing optimal leverage; no installation or modifications required
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE: Easily store the 1-pound car assist grab bar in your glove box, door compartment, or purse; always have your assistive mobility handle within reach when traveling; measuring 9 inches long and 1 inch wide, the car assist cane is easy to carry
  • PROVIDES INDEPENDENCE: Perfect for the elderly, injured, or anyone needing mobility assistance; easily maneuver in and out of cars using the ergonomically shaped, non-slip grip handle without caregiver assistance, preventing back pain from lifting and skin tears from pulling
  • 3-IN-1 SAFETY TOOL: Includes a built-in window breaker and seat belt cutter for emergency escape; practical gift idea for loved ones, provides peace of mind when traveling
  • HEAVY DUTY: Safely supports up to 350 pounds; designed for everyday use, the durable car assist bar is the perfect travel accessory

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#29 Avantree Digital Wireless Headphones Set

This device is specifically designed for seniors who may be hard of hearing or who want to watch television at their own volume, and prefer neck style earphones rather than over the ear ones. It is a digital wireless earphone, configured to work with any kind of television set in the market. It combines perfectly with your existing wired headphones.

It is also compatible with telecoil hearing aids and helps to amplify sounds going to the hearing aid. It has multiple useful functions for the elderly – left/right ear balance control (for people with hearing disability in one ear), Enhanced high volume control, Preset audio profiles for easy configuration, Mono and stereo mode and no audio delay mode.

It comes with its own rechargeable batteries which have a 6-hour battery life on every recharge for 1 battery. There are 2 batteries are included in the pack.

There is an ambient mode as well for picking up conversations nearby without having to turn off the device, making it a thoughtful gift for elderly.

Avantree HT380 Digital 2.4G...
  • [ MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS ] 1) Left / Right ear balance control 2) Volume control 3) Enhanced High Volume 4) Three preset audio profiles including Bass, Treble and Balanced mode 5) Mono or stereo mode 6) No audio delay
  • [ENJOY TV WITH FRIENDS / FAMILY] HT380 allowing you to add additional neck-loop receivers, so you and another friend/family member can watch TV together. The transmitter dock can simultaneously support up to 100 neck-loop receivers - so feel free to add even more!
  • [ WORKS WITH ALL TVs ] HT380 Digital Wireless earphones set is compatible with all TVs on the market. Even if the audio out port is not accessible, you can use the microphone to pick up sound.
  • [ VERSATILITY ] Works with any of your preferred wired headphones or earbuds. Enjoy all-day playtime with the rechargeable battery plus an included spare battery conveniently stored on the HT380 base.
  • [ HEARING AID SUPPORT ] The HT380's neck loop was specially designed with telecoil for wireless access to transmit and amplify sound to your hearing aids. Also, be aware of your surroundings or enhance conversation by using the "Ambient" function.

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#30 Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus

The Carex Upeasy Seat Assist is a boon for people with low body strength, such as those who suffer from Arthritis, Parkinson’s or Muscular Dystrophy. If your loved one has lost the strength to stand up comfortably or takes a long time to get up from their seat, then this is the perfect gift for them.

The device is built using hydro-pneumatic gas springs, which slowly release the seat upwards as the person sitting starts to get up, giving them up to 70% support and helping them to stand up easily. There is no need for any batteries or electrical connections for this device to work.

As far as comfort is concerned, the seat itself is a foam cushion covered by a 100% polyester machine-washable cover. The seat can be used with most sofas and armchairs. It is a lightweight 9-pound device, which can be carried around easily and taken with oneself wherever one is going and comes equipped with a carry handle for easy carrying. The seat adds about 1.5 inches to the chair height when seated.

There are two models, basis weight bearing capacity: 90-220 pounds and 200 – 340 pounds.

Carex Upeasy Seat Assist Plus...
  • WORKS ON MOST CHAIRS AND FIRM SOFAS. Use inside or outside the home on most armchairs and sofas. The standing aid is portable so you can also take it on the go. Upeasy is not recommended for use in wheelchairs, automobiles, reclining chairs, soft sofas or office chairs with non-lockable wheels
  • COMFORTABLE SEAT. The lift seat is very comfortable. The 100% polyester cover is machine washable & the polyurethane foam cushion is easy to care for. Perfect for those with low body strength, Arthritis, Parkinson's Muscular Dystrophy, or Handicap.
  • Easy to clean and washable. The uplift seat assist comes complete with a waterproof washable cover for easy cleaning. Cleaning is quick by wiping with a damp, soapy cloth.
  • INCREASE YOUR MOBILITY. Contains (1) Carex Upeasy Seat Assist portable lifting seat and chair assist. For increased mobility in the home or anywhere. This portable seat lift is lightweight (only 9 pounds) and has a built-in carry handle. For persons up to 340lbs.
  • SELF POWERED. A lift assistance device for elderly, handicap, or disabled that is also self-powered. The hydro-pneumatic gas spring in the chair lift releases slowly as the user begins to stand, no batteries needed.

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#31 Golf Ball Teeing Device for Seniors

For your parents, old age means a time to relax and enjoy. It is a time to go on that vacation they always wanted to go, buy the nice car they’ve been meaning to buy, and didn’t your dad always mean to start playing golf?

But there’s a kicker. While golf can be a very relaxing sport for many, it still needs the player to frequently bend down. And bending becomes harder and harder as we age.

So here is a perfect gifting solution to help your dad (or mom) play their favourite game without worrying about throwing their back!

The Tee Pal golf ball teeing device helps set both the tee and the golf ball on the ground. It also helps pick up the tee afterwards, all without having to once bend down. The Tee Pal has a stand-up pin which keeps it in a standing position when you are teeing off, and it can hold two tees at a time.

The device adds less than a pound to the golfing bag, can be set in the bag slot for easy carrying. It comes with a two-year warranty and is the perfect gift for the elderly in love with golf.

Tee Pal Golf Ball Teeing...
55 Reviews
Tee Pal Golf Ball Teeing...
  • Tee up without bending Will pick up tee lying or standing
  • Easy self standing feature Store in golf cart cupholder between holes
  • Ergonomic lightweight
  • Onboard tee storage 2 tees Will work with Martini Tees
  • Made in the USA

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#32 Portable Folding Step Stool

This is a foldable, compact and lightweight stepping stool for use in both indoors and outdoors. It provides a sturdy grip in multiple situations. Be it bathrooms, kitchens, offices, RV’s or any other place, it comes handy where a bit of extra height can make all the difference.

It can be used as a bed stair, car step or even inside the house. This small stool is designed to withstand weights of up to 265 pounds.

The product is made from durable, high-quality plastic and has non slip grips on the bottom. The large platform design (15 X 8.7 X 5 inches) further makes the stool very stable for use. At only 2.7 pounds, the stool is easy to carry and stow away in your car or on your person and it is always handy to have it around especially for seniors who tend to lose a couple of inches with age.

SPWOLFRT Indoor & Outdoor...
  • ★ Includes: 1x Mobility For Indoor Or Outdoor Use
  • ★ Foldable & Compact: Heavy duty, lightweight, portable and folds up flat for easy carry, storage, daily use and long-lasting durability.
  • ★ Heavy Duty Construction: The sturdy plastic used in this handy step-up platform will support a weight of up to 264.5 pounds
  • ★ Multiple uses : This 5 inch foldable step stool provides a safe and sturdy grip for use in bathrooms, bedside, kitchens, offices, RVs, outdoors and indoors for both work and personal use.
  • ★ Fold up step stool, collapsible foot stool, bed stairs for people, car step stool for elderly, short step stool, fold step stool, half step, low foot stool, car step stool, portable steps for elderly, half step for elderly mobility, small step, outdoor steps for home, small step stool folding, portable folding step, plastic folding stool, door steps for house, foldable step, stepstools for seniors, mobility step for seniors

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#33 Jewelry and Spectacles Cleaner

It is a myth that as people age, they are less conscious of their appearance. Our seniors have spent all their life caring for others. First their children, then their parents. It is high time they take care of themselves and how they look.

A jewelry and spectacles cleaner will go a long way in making sure that not only is their new and antique jewelry but their eyeglasses are spotlessly clean, be it their wedding ring or grandma’s favorite brooch that is a family heirloom.

This is a versatile machine and it uses ultrasonic sound waves to clean eyeglasses, jewelry, watches and even utensils. It just uses tap water but if you have something more grimy, a bit of dishwasher soap will help. Just set it on one of its preset cycles from 90 to 480 seconds and voila! Your jewelry comes out nice and shiny!

Magnasonic Professional...
  • Cleans dirty jewelry, eyeglasses, watches, utensils and more in minutes using only tap water
  • Generates 42,000 Hz of ultrasonic sound waves for a powerful yet gentle clean that won't harm your valuables
  • Digital display with 5 preset cleaning cycles (90, 180, 280, 380, & 480 seconds) and auto shut off
  • Extremely easy to operate, includes basket to keep items secure
  • Generous 20 oz (600 mL) capacity

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#34 Talking Large Button Alarm Clock

While we have already covered one alarm clock in this list, this is a different and novel idea. A for simple to use talking time, date and alarm clock. This is useful for seniors suffering from poor vision, are hard of hearing or are battling dementia.

The clock is as simple as can be – true to its name, its just one large button. You push the button once, it tells you the time. Push it again, it will tell you the date.

It has an easy to set an alarm which can be set with voice-enabled instructions. In short, it is perfect for people who need an extremely simple device to work with. It requires two AA batteries (not included in the pack), and no electrical connections of wires etc. It can certainly prove to be a very helpful gift for the elderly

Talking Large Button Alarm...
  • LARGE, SIMPLE AND HIGH CONTRAST BUTTON TALKING CLOCK - used by many people with low vision, dementia or hard hearing in daily life or travel. Great gift for parents, grandparents.
  • Simply push big button and this speaking clock will do audible announcement of time and date for low vision elderly, visually impaired or blind. Can be used as calendar as it announces current day.
  • Features alarm. Easy to Set with audio instructions.
  • Male English voice (North American accent)
  • Requires two AAA batteries (not included)

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#35 Toilet Safety Rails – Adjustable Grab Bar

These compact safety rails are a perfect gift for seniors suffering from arthritis or muscle weakness that makes it difficult for them to get up or down on the toilet seat. The safety rails can take a weight of up to 300 pounds. The handles are padded with rubber for extra strong grip that is easy on the hands.

These rails are easily compatible with most types and sizes of toilets and can be expanded from 17 to 20 inches to provide a comfortable space above the toilet seat. They can be easily installed along with the existing seat bolts without having to use any tools or cementing or drilling. They are made from aluminum which makes them light and durable.

Vive Toilet Safety Rail -...
  • SAFELY SIT AND STAND: Supporting up to 300 pounds, the compact safety toilet rail provides additional safety and security when sitting down or standing up in the bathroom. Perfect for seniors, arthritis sufferers and for those recovering from injury or surgery, the rail provides additional stability to prevent harmful slips and falls.
  • FITS ALL STANDARD TOILETS: The compact toilet safety rail can be used with any standard elongated or oval toilet. Rail handles easily adjust in width for a customized fit for every household. Handles can be adjusted from 17” to 20” wide providing a comfortable amount of space above the toilet.
  • SOFT NON SLIP HANDLES: Rail handles are padded with a soft foam for superior support. The textured handles create a comfortable, non-slip surface for a safe and secure grip when sitting or standing.
  • EASY TOOL-FREE INSTALLATION: Easy to assemble and install, the durable and compact toilet rails work with most standard toilets. No tools, drilling or cementing is required. The compact safety rail is installed and removed by utilizing the existing seat bolts. Lightweight and durable, the aluminum frame is also corrosion resistant, perfect for long term use.
  • CHECK FOR SIZING: While this design is nearly universal there are some toilets that will not work for this device. Check out our images if you have any questions.

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#36 Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp Cordless Electric Kettle

The Cuisinart Electric Kettle is one of the best electric kettles out there for the elderly and makes a great gift item for your loved one.

It has pre-set temperature controls to decide water temperature basis the users need. It has a blue, backlit water window to be able to see the water level clearly. It also has one-touch controls, a 30-minute keep warm option and fast heating.

It has a large set of great senior-friendly features such as a concealed element (for safety), cordless base (so that it doesn’t entangle), temperature and water level measures, auto shut off (for seniors suffering from weak memory), a drip-free spout and a BPA free body.

Cuisinart CPK-17 PerfecTemp...
  • 1500-Watt stainless-steel cordless electric kettle with 1-2/3-liter capacity and concealed heating element. Dimensions-8.8 x 6.1 x 9.7 inches. Bpa free. Cord length : 36 Inches
  • 6 preset heat settings for steeping tea at just the right temperature; blue LED indicator lights
  • 30-Minute keep Warm; 2-minute memory function; 360-degree swivel power base for cordless convenience
  • Blue backlit water window; removable/washable scale filter; boil-dry protection with auto safety shutoff
  • Concealed heating element to prevent mineral buildup. UC Cubic Feet: 0. 47

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#37 Bed Pull-Up Assist

This is a simple and wonderful device for people who have difficulty getting up due to arthritis or other back-related problems. It consists of a durable cotton webbing that can be connected to the side of the bed with 8 slots built in to grip it by hand. Having a large number of slots make it easy for the person to pull themselves up at their own pace.

The pull-up assist is machine washable. The material is sturdy and does not break or tear easily. The handles are thoughtfully made with red colour, making it easier to look for them in the night.

MTS Medical Supply SafetySure...
24 Reviews
MTS Medical Supply SafetySure...
  • Made from durable cotton webbing
  • Cushioned hand grips
  • Hand grips designed to stay open for ease of use
  • Attaches to bed frame
  • Machine washable

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#38 Mini Real-time GPS Tracker

Tracki is a device plus service which can be used to track a person or an object in real-time using GPS technology. Such devices are often useful for tracking seniors who are suffering from dementia and tend to wander.

It comes with an inbuilt 2G SIM that can be used for tracking it anywhere worldwide (not just in US and Canada). There is a monthly fee (depending on the package that you take) for the tracking service. The Tracki GPS tracker also has a compatible app which can be installed on your cell phone for easy tracking at your fingertips

The GPS information gets updated on a 5-second rate, which is better than most other GPS trackers. The device has a strong battery life of up to a month (6 months in power save mode). It also has an indoor tracking mechanism based on Wi-Fi Id and last-mile Bluetooth tracking to pinpoint the exact location.

It is small in size and weighs only 1.4 ounces. It also has a panic button in case your loved one is in an emergency and needs assistance right away. The device maintains a 5-year history of locations (which can be useful to understand patterns in dementia wandering). It also comes with a lifetime warranty. It can make for a great gift if you have an elderly person’s safety in the back of your mind.

Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real...
  • Unlimited distance real time tracking. Full USA & all countries worldwide coverage. International SIM card included. MONTHLY FEE of $19.95 required or as low as $9.95 for long term plans. Track Vehicles, Cars, trucks, Children, teen, spouse, dog, elderly, motorcycle, ATV, boat, equipment, tools, employees, assets, car fleets, valuable belonging. Place in a pocket, backpack, luggage, shipment or under a car & track real-time whereabouts via iPhone, Android, Web app, Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa
  • Tracki's advantages that other trackers don’t have: Tracki is 30% of the size & weight. SIM works worldwide. Live phone customer service. Free tracker if tracker lost. Lifetime warranty. Best smartphone App. Wi-Fi tracking when indoors. Can send beep to tracker. Manual 15 seconds ping. Attachments: Magnet, Belt clip, Key-chain, lanyard. 5 years history. Batt can be replaced, other dead if batt dies. 30 days batt tracking 3 times/day. Optional 6x larger batt can last 6 mo tracking 3 times/day.
  • We are a USA based company, our expertise is GPS tracking. We make GPS trackers for giant Vodafone. Tracki is developed & made by us. Our competitors are reselling same exact GL300 as 12 different brands. Rechargeable BATTERY LIFE is 2-3 days tracking real time every 1-5 minutes. If real time tracking is not needed, battery lasts 30 days tracking 2 times/day. Optional battery + magnetic waterproof box (ASIN B07YVNV82V) extends battery life to 2 weeks at 1 min update & 1 year tracking 1 time/day
  • Tracking, Alerts & Smart Notifications: Revolutionary technology works indoors & outdoors. GPS+GSM for outdoors. When indoors, Tracki listens to nearby Wi-Fi routers MAC ID, matching IDs to Google's Wi-Fi database for accurate location. Get real-time alerts when the tracker crosses a Geo-fence zone that you designate. Receive SOS, low battery, speeding, start moving alerts about the tracker’s movements via App notification, SMS or email. 5 years history reports on speed, time stamps + map routes
  • MONTHLY FEE: Just like a cellphone a tracker needs a data connection using the cellular network. MONTHLY FEE is required: $19.95, 16.60, 13.95 or 9.95 depending on the package term for unlimited usage tracking worldwide & unlimited distance, no roaming fees, no hidden fees. LIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE: Tracki website has live-chat, ticket & 24x6 phone support. Our US based technical experts will go the extra mile till you 100% satisfied. Tracki is cutting-edge & easy to set up working out-of-the-box

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#39 Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy Muscle Rub

Joint, muscle and ligament pain is a constant struggle for the elderly. While there are several medicines, therapies and procedures available to tackle these problems, most of them are focused on pain relief by applying either heat or cold to the affected surface, rather than curing the problem.

Penetrex is an inflammation relief muscle rub that focuses on the root cause instead. It claims to deliver clinically proven ingredients (such as Amica, Vitamin B6 and MSM) to the affected area through the balm route and cures inflammation.

The product has more than 2 million customers worldwide and rates highly on pain relief cures in almost every list. While the balm is effective on its own, it can be combined with other therapies as well. The product is non-staining, non-greasy, paraben-free and has a very faint odor.

Penetrex Pain Relief Therapy...
  • ► VOTED #1 BEST OVERALL MUSCLE RUB FOR 2019 BY BUSINESS INSIDER – Apply Penetrex anywhere you experience Pain including your Back, Neck, Knee, Hand, Foot, etc... Penetrex is recommended for use on its own -AND- is safe to use in conjunction with complementary therapies such as Heating Pads, Ice Packs, Arthritis Gloves, Back Pain Massagers, Tennis Elbow Straps, Carpal Tunnel Braces, Fibromyalgia Supplements, Neuropathy Socks, Sciatica Cushions, Tendonitis Supports, Bursitis Braces, etc.
  • ► OVER 2 MILLION CLIENTS WORLDWIDE – Sufferers in over 100 Countries have now discovered this Breakthrough Formulation. Just 2 or 3 years ago Penetrex was truly The “Best Kept Secret” in Pain Relief. The WORLD now knows about this amazing formulation. Penetrex frequently becomes Back-Ordered...DON’T WAIT! Order your supply of Penetrex TODAY!
  • ► 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE – Your Penetrex Purchase & Complete Satisfaction is Unconditionally Guaranteed by Biomax Health Products, Inc. If you are less than 100% Satisfied with Penetrex for ANY reason, we sincerely urge you to take advantage of our "No-Hassle", "No Questions Asked", "No Time Limit" Refund Policy. Simply call our U.S. based Customer Service Team at (858) 356-5980 and your Refund will be processed quickly and respectfully. "Pain-Free Results or a Pain-Free Refund."
  • ► BREAKTHROUGH FORMULATION – Utilizing a Revolutionary Delivery System, Penetrex delivers Clinically Proven Ingredients including Arnica, Glucosamine, MSM (DMSO2), Choline, Boswellia Serrata & Vitamin B6 deep into affected areas. Vanishing Scent / Made in the USA / Non-Greasy / Non-Staining / Paraben-Free / NEVER Tested on Animals. Now Benefit from even Faster Shipping & Lower Prices on Penetrex!
  • ► 8+ YEARS OF RESEARCH & DEVELOPMENT – Remarkably, Penetrex does not simply “mask pain” with artificial cooling/warming ingredients found in less-effective, outdated formulations. Instead, Penetrex achieves Breakthrough Results by focusing on the Root Cause of Pain (inflammation). Still Formulated & Filled by the Original, Renowned Chemist in Southern California.

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#40 Neck Shoulder Back Massager with Heat

This shoulder and neck massager can knead your neck with 8 nodes. It provides a deep massage to your tissues and muscles. It has infrared heating to ease muscle tension.

This massager has an ergonomic design to fit the neck and shoulder perfectly. Its speed and direction controls help to control the massage finely and direct its focus to the your pain areas. This massager is suitable for people who have back, waist and leg aches, cervical spondylosis and fatigue or nervousness related stress.

It weighs only 3 pounds and is easily portable, making it a great gift for elderly who like to travel.

Neck Shoulder Back Massager...
  • 8 DEEP TISSUE KNEADING NODES: Shoulder and neck massager offers you a relaxed state. 8 kneading massage nodes provide deep massage to your tissues and muscles which give you a soothing and relaxing experience to your strained muscles whether it is due to physical strain or mental stress
  • SOOTHING HEATING MASSAGE: With infrared heating, our massager provides the comfortable warmness to ease muscle tension and stress. Back massager can massage your neck, shoulders, upper back, lower back, waist, foot, tights, calves, legs, feet and arms. The optional heat function that provides warmness and gentle heat helps in improving the blood circulation and relieving body aches, cramps and tensions
  • ADJUSTABLE SPEED AND DIRECTION CONTROL: This ergonomically designed neck massager has three adjustable strength levels (slow, medium and fast) which helps you enjoy a comfortable relaxing according to your personal preference. Press the direction button to change the direction. Or rest easy, the massager will change direction by itself every minute to ensure a thorough massage and automatically shuts off in 15 minutes in case you are falling in sleep
  • USE IT ANYWHERE ANYTIME: Easy to carry and easy to operate. Use it anytime, anywhere. This massager comes with a home power adapter and a car charger so that you can use it in office, car or at home. The long cable length ensures extra space and convenienc. Premium breathable mesh and PU leather provides a very comforting experience
  • BEST GIFT FOR EVERYONE: Relax every inch of your body muscles! A great and easy gift idea for your parents, friends, family members or elders etc. If you are not 100% satisfied with Mo Cuishle shiatsu massager, we stand behind your massager for life

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#41 Caregiver Pager

The caregiver pager is a device meant to give freedom to the elderly while still being able to call for help from their caregiver without having to yell out. The pager has an operating range of 500 feet and is easy to carry. It includes two 23A 12V alkaline batteries (which are already included in the pack)

The volume can be controlled in four slabs of 0-110 dB and it has 55 ringtones for a pleasant choice of alarm as per one’s sensibilities.

Caregiver Pagers Wireless...
112 Reviews
Caregiver Pagers Wireless...
  • The Caregiver pager Call Button Alert System, the Idea is for Both Caregiver and Patient/Elderly/Resident/Handicapped/Sick Freedom while Still calling for Help at home. Not need to Yell to Get Someone’s Attention.
  • Portable Nurse Pagers Batteries Included.It is convenient for Senior Elderly Nurself Patient .Portable:It can be took anywhere such as in Pocket/in Bag/Outside/Garden/Upstair/Downstair.
  • Operating Range is 500+ Feet in open Area.
  • SOS Emergency Call Button Is Easy to Carry. It can be Put in Pocket or Hang on neck as Pendant. Neck Strap included. Push Call Button is Waterproof. Acceptable for Fixed in Bedside/Washing Room.
  • The Call Buttonrequires a 23A 12V Alkaline battery which are already included and not rechargeable.

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Thoughtful gifts for the elderly – Gifts more than $100

And now we come to our selection of those gifts for the elderly that cost more than $100. These can make for stand alone gifts for most occasions. Once again, we have selected those gifts that can be easily used by an elderly person on an everyday basis.

#42 Able Life Tray Table

The Able Life Tray Table is composed of a revolving tray table mounted on a standing handle. It can be easily affixed to the base of your favorite couch or recliner. This tray table provides support while sitting down or standing up and at the same time affixes a handy tray which can be used to support a laptop, books, a mobile phone, a meal tray or other tabletop activities. It also includes a handy cup holder for your coffee and a utensil holder!

The standing handle can accept weights up to 250 pounds and the tray table can withstand a weight of up to 30 pounds. With a 360-degree turning radius, the tray table can be easily moved out of the way when not in use.

The product can easily be affixed to any 4-legged chair, recliner, sofa or couch which has feet apart by 20 to 36 inches. The tray table can be adjusted to a height between 26 to 32 inches, the support handle between 34-40 inches and the base length between 20 to 36 inches, which make this product customizable for any height and any kind of chair.

The device is extremely safety conscious. There are safety pads (which can be adjusted between or outside the seat legs) to build a grip on the floor and a safety grip on the handle as well. The product is easy to assemble with no additional tools required.

Able Life Able Tray Table,...
1,079 Reviews
Able Life Able Tray Table,...
  • PROVIDES BALANCE AND SUPPORT: Able Life’s ergonomic safety handle provides balance and support when sitting and standing from your favorite couch, lift chair, or recliner; our mobility handle can support up to 250 pounds; safety handle measures 6 by 6 inches
  • BAMBOO TRAY TABLE: Our multi-use bamboo TV tray table measures 16 by 18 inches and provides plenty of room for laptops, meals, books, and other tabletop activities; includes a built-in cup holder and utensil compartment; with 360 degrees of swivel motion, easily pivot the tray table out of the way when not in use; safely supports up to 30 pounds
  • HIGH QUALITY AND EASY TO ASSEMBLE: Easily assemble and securely install the adjustable Able Tray Table under the feet of most four legged couches, lift chairs, or recliners with feet 20 to 36 inches apart; each tray includes all the needed equipment for assembly, no additional tools required; not intended for freestanding use
  • SUPER GRIP STABILITY PADS: The dual sided rubber stability pads are designed to adjust to the distance between the front and back legs of your favorite couch or chair while protecting your floor from damage; feet of couch or chair can be placed on either the outside or inside of the stability pads; each side of the base feet measure 4 by 7 inches
  • FULLY ADJUSTABLE: Customize the Able Tray to your individual comfort and furniture; tray height adjusts from 26 to 32 inches; support handle height adjusts from 34 to 40 inches; base length adjusts from 20 to 36 inches; please reference our assembly video and infographics to determine if the Able Tray Table is compatible with your furniture

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#43 QuicStick Portable Hand Controls

Driving a car is a wonderful feeling of freedom. The wind in your hair, the power of the steering wheel in your hand and the open road rife with many possibilities have always had a special charm.

Unfortunately, many a time the onset of old age robs our loved one of this wonderful feeling. Lack of power or coordination in their legs and lower part of the body makes it near impossible to control the pedals and brakes needed to drive a car. If your parents long for that feeling of independence once again, we have a wonderful gift idea for you!

The QuicStick Portable Hand Control is a solution to that problem. It allows you to completely control your car with your hands, thus setting you free to use your car for moving around. The hand control affixes to the car pedal and brake of any car with an automatic transmission. Its an easy installation job and does not require more than 5 minutes. Once ready, the pedal and brake can easily be controlled by hand.

The QuicStick has a very useful 30-day money-back guarantee which means that your loved ones can test out the product and keep it if they feel the device is useful. It is designed to take up minimal space in the car so that there is extra space for other things.

As an important aside: This device is unsuitable if your loved one has limited dexterity in their hands, since it requires them to control all functions of the car with their hands.

QuicStick Hand Controls...
  • Left or Right Hand Driver/ Gas and Brake Included
  • 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
  • Comes pre-assembled – No tools needed
  • Quality T-6 aluminum construction
  • Adjustable for any driver and virtually all vehicle types

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#44 CPR Guardian II Smartwatch for the Elderly

The CPR guardian smartwatch is not just a smartwatch but a whole medical alert system for seniors. Along with the CPR guardian 2 app – which can easily be downloaded and installed at the caretakers’ end, this is a perfect gift for the elderly. It will ensure that you are always aware of the whereabouts of your loved ones and that they can communicate easily with you during an emergency.

Some of the important safety features of the guardian 2 smartwatch are:

  1. In-built GPS: Easily track the location of your loved ones using GPS
  2. SOS emergency: The SOS button lets your loved one communicate with you during an emergency.
  3. You can also use the Guardian to make and receive phone calls to up to 30 close contacts
  4. Heart rate monitor: The device monitors your loved ones’ heartbeat every 10 minutes and sends the information to the guardian app. If ever the heartbeat falls below 30 bpm, it sends an alert to the App which can be installed on the caregiver’s phone.
CPR Guardian II Smartwatch-...
  • MEDICAL ALERT SMARTWATCH - Keep parents and loved ones Safe, Independent and Active. The CPR Guardian II represents the next generation of protection for loved ones in an emergency.
  • PHONE and TWO WAY CALLING with SOS EMERGENCY ASSIST BUTTON - In the event of an emergency, the wearer will be able to alert you by holding the SOS button. The location and status of the wearer will be available through the Guardian APP on your smartphone.
  • SMART LOCATION TRACKING - Built-in GPS and WiFi- Always know where your loved ones are.
  • HEART RATE MONITOR - Monitors the wearer’s heart every 10 minutes and sends this information directly to the CPR Guardian II APP, If a low heart rate of below 30 beats per minute is identified Guardian II will send a warning notification message to the APP.
  • NO ONGOING SERVICE CHARGES - Works with US Mobile SIM cards which provides nationwide 2G mobile coverage on the T-Mobile Network. SIM card not included, but can be found on Amazon by searching B079DY1H33

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#45 The Simple Music Player for the Elderly

The Simple Music Player for the Elderly


Find out more on Amazon

A music player can make the perfect gift for elderly people, especially as they spend a lot of time by themselves.

This particular music player has been designed keeping in mind the special circumstances of people which Alzheimer’s, dementia or other related conditions. It limits its controls to only 3 – lift the lid to start the music, push the big button for the next song, and close the lid to stop. This makes it extremely simple to operate and understand. The volume controls are hidden beneath the device so that the user cannot accidentally change them.

Music which reminds people of their youth has been proven to vastly improve lucidity and ability to be aware of one’s situation. Music therapy improves mental well-being and promotes independent living.

Therefore, it is important to have music played to people with Alzheimer’s. The lesser number of buttons makes music accessible to them and makes this music player simple to use.

The Simple Music Player - MP3...
  • transfer cable included
  • headphone jack

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#46 Drive Medical Nitro Euro Style Rollator Walker

A rollator walker is a mobility device that combines a walker frame with 3 or 4 wheels. It is used by people who can walk, but have issues with balance or stability and need support. Or else it can provide a place to sit frequently due to recent heart surgery or other problems.

The drive medical Nitro Euro-style is one of the best rollators out there in the market. It has a lightweight aluminum frame with built-in brake cables (so that they do not keep dangling out, which can be unsafe). The rollator folds up easily due to its cross-bar design, by simply pulling up on the seat grip, with one hand. It stands while folded and can be rolled as well, which is a boon in case you need to stop and sit somewhere for a bit of time.

It has a comfortable nylon seat with back support and handle heights can be adjusted basis requirement. The large front wheels provide additional comfort and stability while moving outdoors.

There is a sleek storage under the seat which can be used to carry any items that you want to take with you. To know more, you can also read our article on rollator walkers.

Drive Medical RTL10266 Nitro...
  • Easily collapse rollator to ultra-compact size with one hand by pulling seat grip up and bringing sides together so handles almost touch
  • Sophisticated design features lightweight aluminum frame with built-in brake cable for extra safety and protection. Easily folds with one hand to ultra-compact size for storage
  • A comfortable nylon seat and handle height adjustability provide universal relief that feels customized. Caster fork design enhances turning radius. Back support height easily adjusts with tool-free thumb screw
  • Features large front wheels crafted to increase turning radius and a sleek removable zippered storage bag for secure convenience
  • Overall dimensions: 27.75"(L) x 23"(W) x 33.5"(H); Seat dimensions: 10"(D) x 18"(W) x 20.5"(H); Handle height: 33.5"-38.25"; Weight capacity: 300 pounds

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#47 Floor Mat Exit Alarm for Elderly

Dementia wandering and risk of fall are two major problems that caregivers face when dealing with the elderly. Due to lack of bodily strength or diseases such as arthritis, getting out of bed and standing on the floor becomes a challenge in old age.

Dementia patients often lose a sense of time of day and the place where they are. This causes them to wander off at odd times of the day without the means or sense to get back to their home. This can be a dangerous scenario because they are prone to accidents, being mugged or even more dire consequences.

The Floor Mat exit alarm for elderly is a fall-prevention as well anti-wandering alarm system that uses pressure sensing mats to judge if your loved one is trying to get up from bed or is moving out the door. The floor mat senses a change in pressure when someone steps on it. When attached with an alarm system, it can inform a caregiver that the patient/senior is trying to move (either off the bed or out the house).

The alarm features an on/off switch so that it can be reset after responding to the loved one. There is a volume adjustment control how loud the alarm needs to be.

The floor mat itself is made of 24 X 48 inch non slip heavy vinyl. It has a cord attaching it to the alarm system. The alarm system does not need electricity, it works on 3 AA batteries and it can be installed easily.

Floor Mat Exit Alarm for...
  • Prevent falls or wandering when a resident steps on the pressure sensing floor mat placed by a bed, chair or doorway that will alert the caregiver by an easy to use audible exit alarm.
  • Complete System includes: 1 Economy exit alarm and 1 floor mat.
  • Alarm features include on/off switch so caregiver can reset alarm when responding to the resident; a status light that lets you know that the monitor is operational; a low battery warning light; blinking visual alert, adjustable volume control, variable tone options, battery or AC power option, protective boot & hanging strap.
  • The floor mat is made of heavy duty material measuring 24"x48" gray, non-slip with beveled edges, with an 8' cord that plugs into the alarm.
  • Alarm works with 3-AA batteries (not included) DOES NOT WORK WITH AC ADAPTERS!

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#48 RCA 10 inch Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame

A photo frame that can change photos! The RCA digital photo frame is a perfect gift for your loved ones who have a mobility impairment and find it difficult to work with complex devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

Family and friends can share their photos which can be displayed on this photo frame instantly. It also supports on-screen captions on the photos and videos, so that you can put in fun descriptions of the pics. The device support both Wi-Fi, SD card and USB for photo and video sharing and storage.

It can be operated as a touch screen with “auto rotate” flexibility, which allows your loved ones to view the photos from any angle. For security and safety of your photos, the device employs a Secure Device Grid so that the app or any connected third party does not have access to your photos.

RCA 10" Wi-Fi Digital Photo...
  • ✔ INSTANTLY SHARE MEMORIES - Memories need to be shared and with the RCA frame that is now possible. Get photos and videos from your friends and family instantly from the app. You can now send photos and videos from anywhere around the world instantly using the free Frameo app available for free on IOS and Android. Capture and share!
  • ✔ WiFi & SD CARD CONNECTIVITY - Receive photos and videos via WiFi from all your friends and family and enjoy the moments as they happen. You can backup all of your favorite memories on an SD card and also upload your favorite photos and videos too.
  • ✔ VIEW AT ANY ANGLE - The RCA frame is a touch screen frame that can be viewed in either portrait and also features ‘auto rotate’ which will automatically change the layout. It’s high resolution 10” screen features a stand but can also be mounted anywhere, a great feature if you don’t have much shelf space.
  • ✔ PERFECT GIFT FOR YOUR LOVED ONES - Put a smile on the face of your loved ones by sending them photos and videos. Capture any moment and share instantly! The RCA frame is extremely easy to use, designed with the user in center so that it’s easy to setup and use for people of all ages. A very thoughtful gift for anyone.
  • ✔ YOUR PHOTOS AND VIDEOS ARE PRIVATE AND SECURE - The RCA frames software uses Secure Device Grid (SDG) for safe photo and video sending from your phone or tablet to the frame itself. The app or any third party does not store or have any access to the photos that are sent using it. If you have any more questions then do not hesitate to reach out to us at support@continu.us.

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#49 NOVA Medical Standalone Portable Bedside Commode

A portable commode is useful for people who are completely bed-ridden and unable to walk the steps needed to reach the bathroom. In such cases, a portable commode along with the help of a caregiver who can transfer your loved ones on and off it provides the perfect solution.

The Nova Medical Drop Arm commode can be used both as a stand-alone bedside commode (with a bucket) or it can be used above the toilet with the slash guard (bucket, bucket lid and slash guard are all included with the commode).

It has arms for holding-on on both sides of the seat, which can be dropped-off when transferring the patient from the bed or commode. Both the seat and back are padded for patient comfort and are covered in vinyl to avoid friction. The installation is completely tools-free and can be done in minutes. Leg height is adjustable as per need. The product can lift a person with a weight of up to 300 pounds. This can make for a very thoughtful gift for an elderly person if they are largely unable to walk to the bathroom.

NOVA Medical Products Drop Arm...
  • MULTI-PURPOSE COMMODE can be used as a stand-alone bedside commode (use with bucket) or over the toilet use (use with slash guard). Comes with: Bucket with carry handle, Bucket lid and Slash Guard. Bucket dimensions: 10.25”W x 5.75”H
  • DROP ARM FEATURE for both arms allow easy user transfer from a wheelchair or bed. The Red Release button makes it easy to drop the arm for transfer and pull up to lock it back into place. Arms are padded for comfort.
  • TOOLS FREE ASSEMBLY IN MINUTES. Simply snap on the back and legs with the push buttons. Lift up on the seat to insert/remove the bucket or splashguard. Legs are easily adjustable to desired height and over the toilet use.
  • COMFORTABLE PADDED SEAT & BACK provides the ideal density for support and comfort. The vinyl surface material is durable and easy to clean.
  • SPECIFICATIONS: Weight Capacity: 300 lb., Product weight: 20 lb., Seat height range: 19.25” – 23.75”, Seat dimensions: 16.5”W x 16.5”D; Seat opening: 8.25"W x 11”D, Width between arms: 17.25”, Overall dimensions on lowest adjustment: 22.25”W x 20.5”-22.5”D x 30.75”H; Overall dimensions on highest adjustment: 22.5”W x 21.25”-23”D x 34.75”H; Overall footprint on lowest adjustment: 21”W x 20.25”D; Overall footprint on highest adjustment: 21.25”W x 21”D

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#50 Arealer Foot Massager Machine

This foot massager machine uses Shiatsu and air compression techniques to gently stimulate the acupressure points on the soles of your feet, giving you a complete 3-D massage while promoting blood flow and accelerating metabolism

The machine has two temperature adjustment settings: low heat and high heat, to suit your comfort level. The material used is heat resistant, ensuring that no odor is emitted when heating. The massager comes with a remote control for easy operation during the massage and for the benefit of the elderly who would find it difficult to bend down to operate it.

The product has a large LCD to see the actual temperature so that your loved ones can comfortably know how hot the device is going to be and can manage it themselves. It also displays the massage time to be able to time the massage properly.

Arealer Foot Massager Machine...
  • 【Shiatsu + Air Compression】: Compared with traditional massagers, Shiatsu Massager is improved on product’s function. The method of shiatsu massage can stimulate the acupuncture points on the soles of the feet for comfort. The extrusion of the balloon promotes blood circulation in the foot and accelerates metabolism. This 3D covered massage must can give you a absolutely comfortable massage experience for the feet.
  • 【Two Adjustment on Temperature】: The foot massager adopts split-and-station temperature design:low-heat or high-heat, the two mode for you to choose, to meet your different heating needs, and this electronic massager chooses heat-resistant material, heating will not emit odor, guarantee Comfort and health when you massage.
  • 【One-button operation】: This machine is equipped with a remote control, (the range of remote control) ensures that you can operate without touching the buttons during use, which will be more suitable for the habits of the elderly, without the need to bend over and effort. It's a little easier and very simple.
  • 【Visualization Equipment】: The product uses an LCD display, which is easy to see every time you adjust the temperature and mode to ensure your experience in massage. The time is accurate to 10 minutes and the temperature is accurate to 1 °C.
  • 【Quality credit after-sell Service】: The shiatsu machine is dedicated to providing buyers with a quality shopping experience, purchasing our products and getting professional guidance. At the same time, if the product has problems within 6 months, we offer a new service.

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#51 Joy for All Robotic Sitting Golden Dog

Companionship is perhaps the one thing that the elderly want as they grow older. Being able to touch, feel and play with someone, being able to talk to someone when they are alone, to share their memories and joys – these are all experiences that they cherish.

Unfortunately, given our busy lifestyles and everyday hassles, we are unable to give them this joy. At the same time, keeping a pet requires a lot of care and attention and many a time seniors are not in a position to put in that much work.

Enter the Robotic Sitting Dog. Especially useful for patients of dementia and failing memory, the lifelike robotic dog can become a hassle-free companion to them.

The robot is very lifelike, with an authentic heartbeat and near-real fur. The dog is responsive to touch, feel and voice commands and not only responds to touching and petting but also barks back when you speak to it. The experience is very nearly like owning a pet, without having to worry about bathing, feeding and taking it out for walks. The future is already here, it is just not very evenly distributed!

JOY FOR ALL - Golden Pup with...
  • Puppy-like movements & sounds: Our companion pet acts just like a real puppy
  • State of the art: Our revolutionary barkback technology allows the puppy to respond to your voice
  • A rich experience: Designed to bring comfort, companionship and fun to aging loved ones.
  • Award winning: Joy For All companion pets won the caregiver friendly award from today's caregiver
  • Ageless innovation is a global company devoted to developing fun and engaging products

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#52 A Lift Chair Recliner

A lift chair recliner is like a comfortable single padded chair that makes it easy to get in and out of. This Ashley Yandel power lift recliner makes a great addition to the living room of an elderly person. With the controls, you can lift your legs or ease yourself into it. It is decently sized and very easy to put together.

While on the more expensive side among our list of thoughtful gifts for the elderly, it is almost impossible to go wrong with this. To know more, you can also read our article on lift chair recliners.

Signature Design by Ashley...
  • CONTEMPORARY POWER LIFT RECLINER: Style and functionality merge together in this dual motor lift chair recliner, With just the touch of a button, the power lift eases you back and elevates your legs for the ultimate lounging experience
  • SMOOTH BROWN UPHOLSTERY: Saddle brown upholstery looks like leather, but is actually thick poly fiber with a cozy feel-good touch. Designed for comfort with a high back, thick cushions and sturdy corner-blocked framed with metal reinforced seat
  • SLOW POWER MOVEMENT: Estimated time to complete a full cycle with 110V from fully reclined to completely lifted is 1 minute. To move from reclined to upright takes 14.5 seconds, ideal for seniors or disabled individuals
  • GENEROUS SIZING: Oversized recliner measures 35"W x 40"D x 42.5"H with a 20" seat height and 69" fully reclined length
  • EASY ASSEMBLY: Instructions, hardware and tools included, Fits through doorways 30" or wider

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#53 Real Relax Massage Chair

And finally, rounding up our list of thoughtful gifts for the elderly is this relaxing and comfortable massage chair by Real Relax. It is a gift for the discerning elderly who would like to enjoy a nice massage. It comes in different colors to match the aesthetics of your room.

Real Relax 2020 Massage Chair,...
  • 2020 Updating favor 03 plus: Add Bluetooth audio play and changing Led light, 6 auto modes, more functional and affordable.
  • Full Body Masage:8 massage neck back rollers, 50 airbags placed to the shoulders, arms, hips, calves, and feet, lower back Heating, and foot roller massage.
  • Zero Gravity: One button zero-gravity design, feel virtually weightless.
  • Customize massage: Use the remote to set rollers and airbags massage body parts, speed and strength (3 levels), adjust the back up and down.
  • Comes with 2 boxes, easy to assemble, timer up to 30 minutes, height limit; 6.1 foot, weight limit: 400 pounds. Please check the chair’s size before buy.

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Selecting the right gift takes a lot of research. Especially, if you are looking to give something thoughtful that your elderly parent will actually use.

We hope that we have been able to help and you enjoyed this article on thoughtful gifts for the elderly. You may also want to read more about how you can save time while taking care of elderly parents and make them more happy and independent at the same time.

Gaurav Dhir, B. Tech, is an engineer by training. He also holds the degree of PGDCM from the prestigious IIM Calcutta. Gaurav is responsible for the health and wellness of 4 generations including his son, elderly parents and very elderly grandparents. He is a wellness aficionado and loves keeping and staying healthy.

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